Setting Goals You Can Control & Re-Purposing Content as a POST “Panda” Penalty Publisher

(Re-Using Your Online Assets Strategically within the Content Community Continuum Framework)

Welcome to our MULTI-PART Mid Month Update to the Continuing Content Community Continuum strategy series…….NOTE – if you are NOT on my list, and just stopping by serendipitously, please subscribe to get the first 3 pdfs – they are free……and this is not going to make sense to you if you are reading THIS before the others..:-)

First we are going to take a look at few more questions – THEN we’re going to take a look at the importance of message to market match, and the powerful implications for SEGMENTING your list into smaller groups of enthusiastic, engaged and interested subscribers , and then…….

in part “B” of this which will arrive tomorrow, we are going to cover a very specific strategy for re-purposing content for your community that is POWERFUL, “google god friendly” and works WONDERFULLY well for getting MULTIPLE first page rankings for your repurposed content, in a way that not in 1 in 500 niche marketing “experts” are using the right way.

(I decided to make this a separate “B” side of this update……just because it’s amazingly powerful, a lot of fun, and I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle below. Stay tuned for that piece tomorrow..:-)

NOTE: I will be posting a LINK to the follow up PDF on my Facebook page……so grab it there first, or alternatively, feel free to wait until I post the technique on my blog in the next few weeks.

A quick Re-Cap:

The beauty of the Content Community Continuum is leverage, plain and simple.

It’s beauty, at least from my perspective, lies in it’s utility and the simple strategy of straight lines.

Learning how one simple action, or idea, can be strategically used in a cacophony of creative ways to serve the whole.


  • It’s NOT just about building a very specific style of blog, even though you will. (a Q and A community)
  • It’s not ONLY about building a list, even though you need one to make it work best.
  • It’s not ONLY about article marketing, even though it’s a piece of the puzzle.
  • It’s NOT just about building trust, rapport and relationship, even though that happens naturally when you do.
  • It’s NOT just about asking your readership to participate in creating the community they want to benefit from, even though you will….and so TOO will they.
  • It’s not JUST about social media marketing…..even though this will happen EVEN if you do nothing to explicitly encourage it.
  • It’s not about building valuable online assets you can SELL, even though if you do it right, in some niches, it may be the very BEST way to do it today, bar none.

What it IS about, is getting MAXIMUM marking momentum, and “mojo” out of the smallest amount of actions possible, and never being dependent on ONE single thing to support the entire structure.

(because we all know how that story ends already)

If that doesn’t make sense to you just yet…..hopefully the technique I’ll be covering at the end of this update, in part 2 of this PDF which you’ll get tommorow, will help illustrate it better.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at a few more of YOUR questions immediately below:

What kind of goals should I set? Is it important to have a monetary goal in mind for the first month, or two or 3 that I have my community set up?

The truth is, I prefer NOT to see people set monetary goals for the first 90 days. Instead, what I do, and what I recommend YOU do, is set goals you can CONTROL, instead.


I’d much rather see you say – my goal is to have 150 posts on my Q and A blog in the first 30 days

My goal is to have 10 Email follow ups written and then 2 new broadcasts a week for 8 weeks.

My goal is to have a list of 1000 subscribers in 60 days

Don’t even THINK about money.


Because these are goals you can CONTROL.

They are imbue your marketing with the MAGIC of momentum and a metric you can measure. (rather than an obsession with MONEY….which often leads to feelings of fear, frustration and failure when it doesn’t come as fast you hope…..and the truth is, 99% of time it won’t)

Set goals predicated on things that you can DO – and control – and and you’ll be amazed at the financial progress you’ll make.

It sounds like a cliche – but I promise you, it’s not.

The reason is simple…….

In this system, if you are paying attention to the pieces, you can already intuit what’s going to happen, with some degree of accuracy, without panicking about profits.

For example –

If you have 150 niche relevant, keyword friendly Questions and Answers on your blog after 30 days – you are going to start getting natural, organic traffic…..Period.

If you have 1000 subscribers on your list and you are emailing them regularly – you are going to be building your community.

If you have a community of readers who have already “raised their hands” in your niche, are reading your emails, visiting your blog and contributing to your content, you are going to be building credibility.

And if you’ve created CREDIBILY in your content – and earned it from your community – you are going to get conversions, in whatever you choose to sell.

It’s all pretty simple, straightforward and sensible stuff, right?

No push button, overnight profits.

No “jealously guarded” secrets or silliness.

  1. Content
  2. Community
  3. Conversation
  4. Curriculum
  5. Conversion

(and the compelling character in the middle of the stew that is you..:-)

I’ll share with you a quick observation I notice whenever I send out a coaching survey – or a questionnaire to this list about goals and objectives relative to building an online business.

The people who I can tell are just getting started…..or aren’t really sure what they’re doing, or quite frankly…..I KNOW are unfortunately not going to make it, are always the ones that have goals that are purely “money” oriented after a fixed period of time.

They’ll say things like:

I want to be making $10,000 a month in 3 months while working no more than 20 hours a week.”

I want to be earning $500 a day within 60 days with affiliate marketing.”

I once had a guy tell me he wanted to be making $5000 a week within the next 30 days, and could only work about 90 minutes a day to make it happen.

(and coincidently had absolutely NO idea what he wanted to sell to make that happen when I curiously emailed him back to ask)

The much RARER commodity is the person who says –

I want to have THIS amount of content created by a certain date, a list of THIS size and a SPECIFIC offer in place to sell by no LATER than XYZ DATE.”

From where I stand, and from what I’ve seen first hand…..those are the people that outpace the parade by a long shot.

Set productivity goals – rather than profit oriented ones, and ironically…’ll find the profits are far faster to come in as well.

What about if I hate writing articles? Can I still build a list without it?

Yes, of course you can.

The Content Community Continuum works wonderfully well with ANY traffic strategy that is lead acquisition focused. I

If you can do it with PPC ads, or Facebook or social media marketing, by all means do it.

The first one of these I did, our list was built exclusively with PPC and it worked very well and very quickly.

The truth is though, content marketing is FREE other than your time invested, has a much higher ROI than most forms of traditional advertising simply because the people who sign up for your list have already been exposed to your thinking, your ideas, your approach and your ethos, and have taken several PROACTIVE steps to learn more about what you have to offer.

(i.e. – they’ve read your article, clicked on your resource box, opted in, often CONFIRMED their email address, etc – before they’ve even gotten your message) More impulse oriented advertising – i.e. – pay per click ads, at least for me…….have a much lower threshold of implied interest on the part of your subscriber.

It also has LEGS, and endures far longer than the immediate but ephemeral benefits of paid advertising methods – or social media marketing. I get subscribers each and every day for content I literally created years ago…..and that offers a freedom that other lead acquisition strategies simply can’t match.

What should I GIVE away to get folks on my list?

This is very, very important, especially if you are doing this in a MEANINFGUL market where you have passion, purpose and are BRANDING your business around what you love.

The impact of your first impression can literally last the lifetime of your relationship with your subscriber.

Give away something that has VALUE.

One of the benefits of the Content Community Continuum is that you can codify the QUESTIONS, from the blog, into a Q and A that you can send out as a PDF.

Or if you are a coach, you can give away a recording of a sample session. I

If you’re a nutritionist you can give away a 10 day action plan for losing weight and feeling great.

Call it a WHITE paper, a special report, a V.I.P. Insight, etc.

Make the CONTENT authentically eye opening and genuinely valuable.


The DIMINSHING attention (and affection) you get from your list will conspire to kill your community, your credibility, your conversion and your ability to COMMUNICATE with your list at all if you don’t.

With each email you send, in ANY market, you are going to lose a significant amount of the head space of your subscribers.

While a certain amount of atrophy is expected, a good amount of their apathy is EARNED as well.

Let me give you a perfect example from my own business……and my relationship with YOU.

This is as honest as it comes…..and hopefully, will shine a little bit of light on what you can do to have similar success, AND improve in some of the areas where I dropped the ball, earlier on.

I have a pretty good relationship with my list.

I pride myself on this…..and really work hard to ensure that you like, trust and respect the information I’m sharing with you.

In general, when I send an email out to my list, I get a pretty good response.

A much higher than average percentage of people will read my emails, or visit my blog thereafter, etc – relative to the industry norms.

(which can be, traditionally in the ENTREPRENURIAL NICHES…... 5% or less of their list at any given time will actually even OPEN the emails they send, simply due to the high level of NOISE to signal in this particular industry, as well as the redundancy of the content in the mailings –

i.e. – if you are on one “guru” list, the likelihood is you are on many…..and will get the same emails from all for a given product, or promotion or other spammy silliness)

I don’t do that…….and therefore, get some good karmic benefits when I mail my list – i.e. – you tend to open them at rates many times the industry average.


No matter how good my “open rates” are……the truth is, they are never good enough for me.

As a matter of fact, about 80% of the people on my list do NOT even read the emails I send, give or take, depending on the subject lines, or the angle, or what’s going in the marketplace, etc.

And believe me…..even some of the best direct response marketers in the world would KILL to have 20% of their list opening and engaging with their marketing message on a regular basis.

So with that basis in mind, and with the idea of giving YOU the best advice for how to BEST engage YOUR list, in your niche, with YOUR marketing messages….I’m going to share something with you from THIS content community continuum campaign that I hope you find enlightening.

Now, there are a bunch of different lists that have gotten these messages….depending on when you signed up, where you signed up, etc.

BUT – the first email I sent out announcing the content community continuum was on 2/21/11 – and the subject line was

My FAVORITE Strategy (Ever) 100% Free”

Just about 19% of you opened the email across all of the different lists. (18.7% above, another list was 19.2%, etc)

This is JUST about “Average” for me……….but in the IM space specifically, this is considered very, very good.

To me this means I have a pretty good relationship with my list…..that you enjoy my content, learn from it and like it……but still, to be honest, it’s NOT good enough.

To me it means my PREVIOUS messages, blog posts, ideas or otherwise MISSED the mark with 80% of my list, to leave them wanting more……or disinterested, or seeking help, advice or guidance elsewhere, which is disappointing, and in my view, my responsibly to “fix”.

I obviously can’t do all that much about the 80% of the list that isn’t paying attention, OTHER than knocking on their front doors and asking why they continue to hurt my feelings for no good reason, which would clearly be breaking my court issued restraining order AND get me kicked out of Aweber again just for being over enthusiastic about getting my mail opened.

What I CAN do, and what YOU can do of course, is make sure that the information you DO send is so overwhelmingly positive and helpful and beneficial…..and asks so little in return, that the loyalty you accrue from those who ARE paying attention is unmatched.

Here is the FOLLOW up to the Content Community Continuum sent 2 ½ days later.

The second email, to the exact same list, with the subject line:

The Content Community CONTINUUM, {name}”

sent ONLY to people who opened the first email a few days earlier, had an open rate of…………


As of today, 3 weeks later, the total is 99.2%.

That is off the hook crazy.

As a matter of fact, when I told a few industry friends about the sort of response rates this was getting, on a simple PDF, they didn’t believe me…:-)

One said – that’ unheard of.

Someone else said – no way, I don’t believe you.

Someone else said – You are one sexy beast. (that had nothing to do with the email campaign per se, but her opinion is much more important to me overall)

What is REALLY means is this:

Just about EVERYONE, without exception, who read the first CCC document on 2/21, was excited enough to open and read the follow up sent a few days later.

The lesson to ME is very clear…..and I hope it is to you as well.

Message to market match can never be over stated.

And learning to SEGMENT your marketing message to the people who have expressed interest, excitement and enthusiasm for your offer is the TRUE gateway to great things….both in your community, and in your ability to contribute your gifts.

The more value you offer……the more loyalty you earn, the more interest you inspire and the more attention you command.

Equally as important for me, is this:

I learned that somewhere, some how, along the way, I failed the original 80% of the folks who didn’t get on board.

Sure, a lot of them probably aren’t interested in IM anymore, maybe they never were, maybe they signed up way back when on a whim, etc.

But there are plenty who still are.

And to THOSE people, I failed somewhere along the way, and because of that….we both lose.

They won’t get access to this information in a timely manner.

Most are probably getting BAD strategies for BIG prices from other IM teachers, or trainers or “gurus”….and that bothers me more than they’ll ever know.

And of course, I lose influence, and interest, and ultimately INCOME because they no longer are paying attention, and it’s a lot heavier lifting to recapture that, once it’s lost.

(Of course I will always be able to re-activate a percentage of these people……simply by asking them how I can better serve and help them meet their needs……which I will DO, but it’s obviously a lot easier to have not lost their attention in the first place..:-)

The KEY takeaway for today?

Set goals that you can CONTROL.

And think STRATGICALLY…….sequentially and systematically when you create content that is designed to create COMMUNITY.

I can tell you, with 100% honesty, that with my own list, in years past in THIS niche, I haven’t always done that.

I would send you 5 messages one month.

And none the next.

3 blog posts one month.

And NONE the next.

The Content Community Continuum FORCES you to be consistent.

And to focus on quality.

Because as it grows…….your community will WANT to hear from you MORE…..rather than less.

And the beauty is, you can use THEIR content to keep their attention even when you run out of things to say..:-)

Stay tuned for part “B” of this update tomorrow.

I’m going to share with you a very powerful, very easy and largely FREE strategy to rapidly getting the Google Gods to bless your blog, your content and your community in a POST Panda punishment publishing environment.

What to do NEXT:

– Make Sure You have the ASKIT QUESTION AND ANSWER BLOG TEMPLATE, or none of this is going to work.

(plus at some point soon, I will ONLY be sending updates to those of you who have)

– Sign up for Aweber. (The best 20 dollars a month you can spend online……period)

– Make sure we are friends on Facebook so you don’t miss the updates you WON’T get in your inbox.

– Keep your eyes peeled for your NEXT PDF with an amazingly easy way to re-purpose your content that I know you’re going to love..:-)





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