Selling Affiliate Products to Your List (Enlightened Entrepreneur FAQ)

Have tons of passion but NO way to make a profit?

Don’t have the time to create your first EBOOK, audio course or coaching program but stoked to get started anyway?

Simple!  Start by selling something that someone else created….and worry about creating your own “curriculum” when you have some cash to be comfortable.

Finding really good affiliate programs to promote in most niches is simply a matter of sitting down, getting organized and identifying the needs of your niche, and then finding something you feel comfortable recommending to fill them.

(or asking them what they want to buy….and then finding it!)

For example, many of you who have taken part in some of my “premium” challenges know that I have earned a fair amount of money as an affiliate for psychic and new age related products and programs.

While I’m not 100% sure what I believe in regard to psychic readings, out of body experiences and astral projection, lucid dreaming and programs that promise mystical and mysterious meditative experiences, I DO know that people who are interested in these areas often pasionately participate in the communities that cater to them,  and overall, are amongst the very best buyers there are.

I also know that people who are interested in one area of this niche are often very interested in another as well.  (e.g. – someone who is interested in learning how to have deep, mystical meditative experiences may very well also be interested in learning to become more psychic, or to understand his or her dreams, or to experiment with lucid dreaming, etc)

This opens up a myriad of monetization possibilities through the follow up conversation you have with your community…….as there are both DEEP and WIDE opportunities to sell stuff they may really like.

For me personally – being a bit of an eccentric, open minded oddball……I can’t think of a more fun way to build a business than to interact with a wild and wacky community of people who love sharing their “psychic” experiences, and being able to make great money talking about crazy stuff..:-)

Remember, most people in your community will NEVER BUY A THING!

So you have to make sure that those who do, are not only happy with what you are selling, but that YOUR business is equally rewarded as well 🙂

If you aren’t ready to create your own products, make sure the products you pick are PROFITABLE for you, and productive for the people who trusted you before they purchased.

  • Avoid high hype digital downloads.

Stick with programs with big buck brand name recognition, and that advertise heavily outside of the “affiliate ” space.

In my view, the KEY to longevity as an affiliate in a community you care about is to align yourself with products and programs that have CONTINUITY, and consistency over time and have “Joe and Jane” household name recognition.

  1. Why would anyone want to sell a clickbank fat loss ebook…..when you could promote Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medifast and those sorts of programs in the diet and weight loss world instead?
  2. Why promote an obscure, high hype, dating ebook that may convert 1 in 400, instead of selling a dating service like Match.Com which 99% of the population knows by name already, and that may convert 1 out 12 or 15 instead?
  3. Why promote some odd online personal development guru that only a handful of people know…..when you could piggyback off of the millions of dollars of media that folks like Anthony Robbins already have spent to bring their message to the masses?

Pick products you’ll be proud to promote and they’ll be far more profitable…..I promise.  (that may be a record for “Ps” in a sentence)

For a bit more on selling what you love and building your business around your natural gifts, sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT with CJ.Com and browse the offers that match YOUR market (it’s 100% free to join)………….OR, check out the short article I submitted earlier today to EzineArticles – you can read the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below..:-)

Getting paid for doing what you love?

Either create something to sell to your community of fans and followers, OR simply find something that already exists that you can heartily recommend.

For example, you can be a diet and nutrition specialist and either create your own “course” or diet program, or you can simply go out and find an existing diet with an international brand name and become an affiliate for them.

If you love spiritual, paranormal or psychic topics, you can either create something of value to share with your community (i.e. – offer intuitive readings, or a how to on developing psychic abilities if that’s your expertise) OR simply partner with an existing service as an affiliate.

Are you passionate about personal development?

Why not offer coaching yourself….OR, simply sell some of the big name programs from the motivational speakers who are already household names. As long as they teach and preach things that you agree with and are comfortable recommending.

Get Paid For Your PASSION! The Easiest Way to Build a Home Based Business Out of What You LOVE



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