How to Level Up Your Book Sales & Build Real Relationships in Your Niche (Audio)

Here is a quick (30 minute) audio I recorded earlier today covering some best use strategies for not only bumping book sales, but should help many of you sell more services as well.    I  discuss a few very specific scenarios, and challenges –  that are very common in my audience, and how I recommend overcoming them as well.

Maybe more importantly in the long run?

This approach will really help all of us who use it to connect with an extended audience of professional peers, and connect with a community of people who really can have a transformative effect on your brand and business overall.

Some of things I discuss here are:

A quick and easy pricing “hack” to sell more ebooks on Amazon

A simple strategy for turning an existing book into a multiple price point purchase

How to recruit professional peers to promote your products, program, sites and services

A simple (and very personalized) email marketing campaign I tried in 2012 that increased my own blog audience by over 1000% in multiple markets.

And other stuff I’d like to list, but I already forget 🙂  (but are in the audio)

I truly believe that this is the absolute easiest way to build “buzz” for your books, blog, brand, business and bank account….and in some ways, if you already have a book or product that is NOT selling, this strategy makes it almost impossible to fail.

If you have any questions about any of the topics covered, feel free to send me an email, and I’m happy to help.




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