The Secret of Set Ups: The Best Online Strategy for Aspiring Agencies and Web Marketing Consultants

Thinking about launching a new online agency or web directory but aren’t sure how you’ll make money?  I’ve had a few questions over the last couple days about how I can be so confident that OTHER people, who don’t consider themselves all that “gifted” in the marketing arena, can so quickly and easily make money using the authority site, BUILD something marketing model.

Years ago, I remember listening to a really old bootleg tape of a Jay Abraham conference.  Jay is no doubt a marketing savant in some respects (especially as it relates to direct marketing, information products and that sort of stuff) and back then, THAT was the type of marketing consulting folks aspired to do.

You didn’t need to be preternaturally gifted, to do it well, he argued.  What you needed, were “set up’s” or situations that were SO perfectly placed on your plate, that closing the deal would be easy.

Of course, selling services to strangers is never TRULY easy.  And that is why building an authority site ( a web directory or similar) is such a good idea.  It positions you as an expert, and an authority, and gives you empirical value to offer others through the power of your PLATFORM.  (your audience, your newsletter, your list, your gravitas and influence in the niche – however much or little that is in any given moment)

But I want to give you a quick example of what set up’s look like – to the entrepreneurial agency – who sees them everywhere.

These are 2 different projects that 2 different clients are working on.  One of these I talked about in the short audio I recorded yesterday.  (download that here)

But this other one, I just came across tonight, while scoping out some potential clients for MY client – who wants to write copy for a living (which is does far better than most – present company  included) but can’t figure out how to find folks to write copy FOR.

So I told him to look on Themeforest – a great place to find world class designers and developers who don’t speak English well, and whose sales suffer as a direct result.

Here is one of the first results I found.  (in about 14.5 seconds of searching)

If you want to write copy for a living – and are open to writing copy for developers – and you can find a marketplace of designers and developers who NEED good copy – and where good copy is directly related to robustness in SALES – and you find copy that is unreadable or nonsensical by dint of the language barrier (these folks are super smart no doubt, they just don’t speak English as a primary language – and that comes through in their copy) – THAT sort of situation is a set up.

Much the way the restaurant above – who has a gallery page – and an about us page – with NO gallery – and NO about us – is ALSO a set up.

Jay Abraham would definitely approve 🙂

This is why I can’t so proudly promise that if you take part in the 0 to 1K challenge – and you focus on BUILDING something, as well as SELLING something – you’ll make 1K pretty damn fast.  The need is evergreen.  It’s always there.  It’s so much easier than trying to convert 2 out of 100 readers to buy a diet product or a clickbank ebook or whatever it is that you are selling now.  Those skills, the ability TO sell a diet program, or a clickbank ebook – is what ought to give you the confidence, and authority and the expertise to know that you CAN DO THIS work, better than folks who have not the first idea how to sell anything online at all.  (and that is the secret – you don’t need to know it all – you just need to know more than most – or some – or even just a few who need what you know, and will gladly pay you to get where they want to go)

That is why, if you aren’t making the kind of money you deserve, if you are chasing your tail, wasting time, spinning wheels, chasing gurus and gimmicks, and you aren’t actually selling stuff to people who truly NEED what you know – and whose businesses will BENEFIT from your willingness to step in and step UP, you aren’t failing to connect to what it is that you want because of a lack of opportunity, or EVIDENCE – but rather, for some other strange reason that only you know.

I tell myself this, by the way, quite often as well.  When I see how much opportunity there is to truly kill it in just about any and every niche under the sun using this model – it’s truly astonishing.

The 0 to 1K challenge is about a week away – if you want details, send me an email.  (put challenge in the subject line, so I know to respond right away)



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