Or at least, don’t make me feel dumb.

Here is the thing.

This guy is clearly a smart dude with lots of nice bona fides on his resume.

And I’m looking for some good outside ideas/perspectives on marketplace founders.

It is true that I woke up late.

And i’m not drinking coffee anymore either.  (because it interferes with my intemittent fasting lifestyle, which I just started in March, to precede my drinking too much red wine lifestyle, with is on target to begin in May)

So I’m groggy in the morning.

I doth not protest.

And yet –

What the fuck does this marketplace presentation mean?

I’ll pay someone to translate this for me.

Or just give me the big idea.

Because i feel like i’ve been assaulted by long words and hastily made cheesy charts.

And if there is one thing worse than a cheesy chart?

It’s a hastily made one where the squiggly lines bring back flashbacks of a bad ayausaska experience.

(the one where the Shaman looked like your Uncle Art)

RIP Uncle Art.  I’m sorry for head butting your dopleganger in Peru.





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