If you read my recent case study on how I generated 17,345 New Visitors, a HUGE bump in new client contacts – and 1 “Cease and Desist” letter (all from Scratch 🙂 you probably already know that the first approach we tried (and failed with) was to try to grow our example authority site with email.  e.g. – because the site is a professional directory, we simply tried to “invite” people to participate by submitting their professional profiles, their social media links, their bio, their blog links, etc)

The good news is, over the last few weeks, I’ve refined the letter that is being mailed out a bit – and in conjunction with the fact that we’ve now got a good amount of entries (using the approach I highlighted in a lot of detail in the aforementioned post) we’re NOW getting about 25% of the people who are getting the email – to either respond – or post a profile on the page.  (some have responded via twitter and/or facebook to thank us – others have said nothing but posted a profile – and many,and those we MOST appreciate have done a combination of all of the above – e.g. – saying THANKS and actually participating in the project as well)

 The BEST part of all of this?

Due to the nature of the site – and the type of traffic we are getting from natural search (hyper localized search for the exact professionals we are featuring) we are driving so much traffic actually TO our members websites…….that they are coming back over and over again to check on what we’re doing…….and are growing increasingly grateful for the plug.  (e.g. – we’re still giving out free listings – and some of these folks are getting upwards of 10-20 visits a day from US to them – all free – no advertising, no expense on their side, etc – which dovetails with my ultimate objective – positioning myself and my partners as a premium provider of brand, blog and BUZZ building for artists, authors and enlightenened entrepreneurs in the spirtual coaching niche)

authoritydirectoryAs you’ll see from this screenshot – on the 2nd of September (i believe last Monday?) out of just over 1000 visitors – almost 50% (487) clicked “out” from US to the sites, services and social media profiles of our members.  (remember – we’re giving these away at this point, for free)

The absolute BEST way to get noticed by your niche neighbors in a new market?

Send them free traffic.

The absolute BEST way to earn the attention and affection of your industry?

Send them free traffic.

 As each and everyone of you who has analytics on your site already knows…..when you start to see traffic emanating from a new source, you are probably pretty likely to check who it is, right?

And if you’re getting 10 or 20 or 25 new visitors from that source a few times a week?

The chances are……you aren’t only grateful, you are going to be pretty receptive if that person reaches out to you and says – “Hey – I own such and such a site – and think I can help you grow your business a bit more – would you be interested in discussing some ideas?”

If you are a coach or consultant who works in the entrepreneurial space – online or off – that’s the best success “setup” there is for approaching your ideal audience.

So that’s our goal.  (or at least my goal for this example project)

And – the letter we’re using is below – feel free to copy it and modify it and use it for your own email marketing campaigns – no autoresponder neccessary – you can also come back and download the whole thing as a PDF file as well. (I’ll add it later today)

Enjoy – the letter below is yours to use if it suits your needs! :-)[zilla_alert style=”green”]


SUBJECT:  Hi  Name – (A Invitation from “insert name of your authority site here”)

FIRST LINE.  Hi (Name 🙂

(NOTE….using a smiley emotion seemed to dramatically affect response to the good!)

 We wanted to extend an invitation to you to be listed in our new directory of “insert name of your niche” and “enlightened” entrepreneurs around the world : -)

 Our directory is here:


 Your listing would be 100% free – as you were recommended by one of the members of our community for inclusion.

 While we are brand new, we currently get between 1000-2000 visitors a day (insert your accurate traffic figure if appealing) – mostly USA based readers – many of whom are searching for (insert your niche profession) to “hire” in their local communities – and as we are also online web development professionals and authors in the personal growth marketplace ourselves – we expect to grow significantly over the next few months.

 It’s an exciting time to be in (insert your niche here)!

 Our hope is to become a collaborative community of inspired authors and passion and purpose driven professionals who truly want to wake up the world with our work.

 If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you!

 All you’d need to to do is fill out as much, or as little as you’d like – you can include your bio, pictures, video, links to your social media, email address, client testimonials, etc – or whatever you’d like readers to see when they find your listing.

 (it’s 100% free – no payment of any type will be required)

 You will also be able to create and submit events – and promote your appearances, etc – if appropriate to your practice.

 We truly hope you’ll join us – and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

 (we also have tons of experience with all types of brand & blog building for spiritual professionals, enlightened entrepreneurs and Amazon authors as well – if we can ever be of service, please feel free to let us know!  My personal passion is creating  unique, innovative and inspiring content marketing campaigns for my clients…and if you have the need, I’d love the opportunity to help!)

 Go Eagles (insert your favorite sports team here)

 Best Wishes –




Please Note.  Do not include your favorite sports team.  (unless it’s the Eagles – in which case it’s fine)





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