How to: Prelaunch Your Online Course or Digital Download WITHOUT Hacks, Gimmicks or Gurus

A bit earlier this week I was leafing through the “Teachable” private FB page (for teachers and trainers and folks using their platform to sell stuff) and there was a somewhat well known guy promoting his “how to prelaunch your course” course within the private FB community. (which is pretty much a no-no in most “closed” communities that are supposed to be supportive and not sales-y – but I’ve learned the hard way, that pushy self absorbed people will be pushy self absorbed people – regardless of the rules or guidelines. This is obviously a post for another time, though 😉

Ironically enough, I was looking at one of the recent WITHCOACH.COM platform updates over the last few days, and they’ve just added a super helpful, really useful and pragmatic feature for folks looking to “pre-launch” a course, or a digital download, but don’t want to have to jump through hoops, or set up multiple email capture forms, or hack one piece of tech with another, to have the whole thing operate in a seamless way.

You can now simply set your course (or product) to “pre-launch” in your back end settings…..and wala! Your course is now collecting names, building your list and allowing you to add content behind the scenes, in preparation for launch. (which is as simple as setting the course to “published” from “pre-launch”, where your content is now ready to be consumed.)

Withcoach is truly an awesome platform for teachers, trainers, makers and marketers of all types, and while I love (and use) Teachable as well, if you are launching a soloprenuer style business and want to sell stuff online, there is no better platform than Withcoach – it’s beautiful, functional, and the folks behind the platform are awesome as well.

Check it out here.



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