Yesterday, I recommended one of my favorite books on body based, “somatic” meditation to my mindfulness list.

It was 1.99 on Amazon when I sent the email.

(which was pretty surprising, considering I paid much more for it many months ago)

Amazon prices are always flitting and fluttering and changing based on too many whims and motivations to possibly keep track of – and dependent on far too many factors and variables to even want to notice.

Of course, I woke up today to check my inbox – to see a bunch of unsubscribes – and a few nasty emails – all telling me that the 1.99 book I recommended they buy (The Awakening body by Dr. Reginald Ray) – was now 12.99.


It’s a steal of a deal at 12.99, too!  (it comes with hours and hours of audio practice instruction on a very esoteric tibetan practice – from a true legendary yogi (Dr. Ray) – but of course, I get the anger – and learned my lesson.

Don’t recommend Amazon books on sale before checking with Jeff Bezos.

They tend to go off sale pretty quickly.

So sorry everyone who thought that was a sneaky bait and switch move.  (It wasn’t – it was 1.99 – and no affiliate link was involved)

If you’re interested in the book – but can’t afford the 12.99 – feel free to email me – i’ll send you a link to the audio files that accompany the book for free – as they’re available on the Dharma Ocean website – you just need to know where to look.




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