Newsletter Marketing for Digital Media Brands

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I’m teaching a new course (on our brand new learning platform) on how to make more money from your directory, marketplace, online community or authority site, by incorporating a digital media brand newsletter….in just about 10 minutes a day.

This is the ideal strategy for those of you who want to enhance your offers to your existing audience – to sell more premium listings, to offer more value, make more money and appear more expert and authoritative, in your niche, market, vertical or industry – even if (or especially if) you’re just starting out.

The course will be live on Feb 5th -will be available to 50 people only – and you can see the details, here.

You’ll watch a live example of how to quickly, easily and ethically create a branded newsletter – and how to use that to increase the value of your online asset – to sell more listings, attract a bigger audience, build real rapport with your professional peers….and establish yourself as a thought leader, or authority in your niche.

I’ll show you how to combine content creation, and curation in a smart and strategic way.
I’ll share with you how we’re using this exact approach in 2019 to sell deals and discounts, offer products and programs across our platform, build incoming links (great SEO for both your clients and your own community) promote interviews and podcasts, and much much more.

I’ll share advanced strategies for “surfacing” content – and how to teach this process to your team. (whether you are a one woman shop – have in house employees like many of now do – or work with VA’s and outsourced agents, clients and partners. This simple strategy will empower you to build a world class platform of content and community in mere minutes a day – and if you stick with it and follow my lead – you literally can’t fail.

I’ll show you how to repurpose this content like a rock star across your platform – show you live examples you can easily emulate – and a whole lot more.

This will be available for 50 people only – and is being delivered on our brand new, invite only course community and online learning app.

You’ll be able to ask questions – take notes – leave comments – and share details of your own projects with me – 100% privately – and I’m happy to help.

My Guarantee is This: You’ll have a simple, scalable strategy for building your brand and business – you’ll never struggle for content ideas again – and you’ll have an immediate new asset (and offer) to power your platform in 2019..and beyond.

The course opens on Feb 5th – only 50 seats are available – but you can sign up now.



PS – watch a short video outline below:



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