New: Seattle Based Directory Business Grows By over 300% in 60 Days (Client Case Study Coming in Feb)

For those of you interested in watching a live, local directory business being built from successfully from scratch, I’ll be sharing a very exciting live case study from a client community in Seattle, WA later next month.  (mid to late Feb)

You’ll see how to scale a simple site (from 1 local directory to 4 neighboring towns in under 6 months – using a simple managed WP hosting “hack” – a super optimized template that is ideal for scaling (once properly configured once, you literally have a new city/niche/directory business in a push button box) – and a whole lot of innovative, interesting experimentation that this subscriber and new client has used to build a valuable asset, and income stream, in under 180 days.  If you’d like to hear 4 calls (and over 5 hours) worth of marketing masterminding on this project – email me for details – or get notified when they’re available on our new course community, here!



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