Q and A: How to pick the right Wordpress directory theme for your digital brand.

Hey all – here is a reasonably common question about comparing some popular directory themes – in this case – Javo Vs Mylisting. (and my own recommendation to consider Lisner, and Listeo as well) The truth is, the very BEST theme is the one you’ll use and understand – and conforms nicely to the specifics of your project…..but WITHOUT feature creep. (in other words – you’ll use far fewer fancy pants plugins than you think – or you’ll need less functionality than you believe – and the key is to simply get momentum, create killer content – cultivate a community and begin to actually earn money on an MVP style launch (minimum viable product ethos) – rather than getting lost in the weeds of picking the perfect theme. (it doesn’t exist)

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Hi Ian wondering what was the theme you said to look out for in late October of 2018? I have been researching for a directory theme for a month and having trouble deciding between Mylisting, Javo Directory and looking a few others for a non profit project. Any help would be appreciated!
ian hollander3:40 PM
Hey there! Thanks for the question – the theme I was referring to (I believe 🙂 didn’t get released as the developer had some issues with Themeforest – and ended up selling it to a small set of clients for a much higher price. Mylisting is still a great theme and probably what i’d still recommend – although there are lots of alternatives (including Lisner – which I really like and use – and one that came out last week that looks very interesting – Listeo, maybe?) Thanks 🙂
Site Visitor3:43 PM
Thanks Ian. I also had lisner in my top 3 but no elementor which I want to use instead of wpbakery. I have some unique features that I need to have built or customized but Im wondering if you know of any of the themes that may have some of the features….Are you okay with me sending you the list of them?
ian 3:49 PM
I really don’t do that sort of deep dive in this format – just not enough time, unfortunately! (I’m much more of a marketing and community building person – not so much a customization/tech advice person )- my best advice is – and this is earned by dint of hundreds and hundreds of clients and subscribers I’ve spoken to over the last 2 years who had “customizations” in mind before they launched – simply do an MVP (mininum viable product) launch – get the site up with the least amount of tech friction – and then optimize, improve and iterate as you go and grow. (out of all of the heavily modded theme requirements I’ve seen as a prerequisite to launch – I don’t think I’ve seen 1 that’s actually landed in the world the way it was initially conceived.



Site Visitor3:50 PM
fair enough what stands out with listeo?
thanks for your time. I guess its still between mylisting, javo directory and lisner. all the best ian

4:08 PM
one last question: is lisner better then mylisting in any way. I’m hesitant because of wpbakery and maybe less features then mylisting but then I read something about needing to use Wp Job Manager and its slows the side down alot. I don’t plan on making a job site, do you need this plugin to create any directory with mylisting? Many thanks for your thoughts
ian 4:19 PM
Hey….yes – all of these frameworks use wp job manager – and all have their own proprietary little enhancements that extend the plugin in various ways – not every theme uses it (directory wise) – but the most popular and best selling ones generally do. (It’s not going to slow your site down – that’s fake news :). And something very easy to mitigate should it be an issue as well. Mylisting and lisner are both great – wilcity is another good choice (I don’t think it uses wp job manager, too – although I’d have to double check). All of these themes are less than ideal – WordPress is not built for directories.
4:20 PM



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