Here is question about the MYLISTING WordPress theme that comes up quite frequently. I’ll share some others (also about “extending” the MYLISTING theme, but this one (paid plugins) is one of the most frequent questions I get from folks looking to build a business directory, and are struggling to pick the right theme for their brand, business and budget.

I was wondering if there 8:31 PM
there’s any aspect of this theme that requires paid plugins
ian hollander11:39 PM
Hey there – sorry for missing your message – no, Mylisting is fully self contained – the theme functionality is built into the package – and you shouldn’t need to buy anything additional to get full utility out of the theme/framework. (some plugins that aren’t required are “premium” – like WC bookings + WC vendors pro, etc – but those aren’t neccessary – and you can launch with the theme as is and do great things. Thanks! Ian



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