My Favorite Definition of Success

“Happiness is the joy you feel when moving towards your potential.” – Sean Achor

I’ve been reading a great book called “Big Potential” by Sean Achor and it really captures my favorite definition of what true happiness feels like.

When I think about my own life – what I love – what I loathe – how I measure my moments and dive into my days – there is always this ever subtle, but ephemeral idea of a very profoundly present sense of personal potential.

My own unique ability to connect & create – to bolt, build and BE bold – in the service of something that is completely mine.

I’m not always sure that I believe in “purpose” in the way that I once did – or the way that others throw around the word.

But potential – and the idea that we each have one that is uniquely ours – tethered to what we believe in our bones is what we’re here to do – it may be hard to describe – but it is eminently obvious.

When you are moving towards it – you know it.

And when you’re not – regardless of how big your bank account – or how successful you seem – you know that, too.

I tell you this today – not to inspire you to change what you’re doing – but rather, to remind myself it’s there – occasionally out of view – but always in reach 🙂

And the magic is- in every new moment – we can always begin again.

– Ian



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