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Listingpro is the newest WordPress theme in the online directory landscape…and I dare say, it may be my favorite so far

And not because I think the design is so superior to what’s available already. (I’m still partial to Listify from an overall aesthetic standpoint, and the simple, subtle looks of Vantage 4.0 are rapidly growing on me as well)

Where Listingpro really stands out is it’s incredibly robust, powerful and innovative back end. Simply stated, short of investing in something like a Brilliant Directories license (a SAAS directory offering) you won’t find anything close on WordPress…..full stop.

(and these guys are just getting started, too…which makes this theme and framework so startlingly good, so quickly)

The most innovative element of the back end is the incredibly level of detail you can give the folks who are actually LISTED on your directory, opening up all sorts of cool and creative site “stickiness” possibilities. One of the primary challenges most directory owners have is not just getting the public to come to your directory, it’s actually getting your LISTINGS to return, after they’ve signed up. (especially the freebie, non featured listings, which for most of us, is going to be most of them)

This totally transforms that challenge into something, that my intuition tells me, is going to become a huge part of the appeal.

The colorful back end, with lots of cool statistics (again, built in, not an extra plugin) with reviews, reactions, leads, low review notices, et al…..this all has a visual game like interface that will bring your professional peers (LISTINGS) back to your directory, to get the dopamine dump we all crave from our online interfaces.

But here is where it really separates itself from the competition. (and again…this is less than a week old)

The back end AD campaigns, where your users can literally run targeted ad campaigns on YOUR directory – for THEIR listings – pay you – process them – and watch them go live in real time, while you (as the site owner) eat cupcakes straight out of the box, and watch DEXTER re-runs on Showtime, like I do every night.

That is truly fun. (and I mean the self directed ad campaigns – the cupcakes and Dexter re-runs isn’t fun at all. It’s actually pretty sad)

Lastly – when I first noticed this the other night……even though I had no desire in buying a new directory theme, my first thought was, which I posted as a comment – well before this started trending on TF (you guys are going to sell a Bazillion copies of this… congrats in advance) and since, they’ve not quite sold a bazillion – but they are certainly selling a shit-ton. (which is mathematically similar to a bazillion)

The best part about buying this theme?

I love supporting the good guys in the world.

the last time i made someone cry with happiness was 1998.   It’s been downhill pretty much ever since. See my full review on Themeforest here.

These guys are not only world class developers – they have a passion for customer service and support that I don’t think I’ve ever seen from a theme developer anywhere. (nice, prompt, polite almost to a fault with some of the comments on TF….and have been very receptive via private email per some suggestions I’ve made as well – which is nice, because people typically ignore my recommendations – most notably, my Mom, which drives me crazy)

If you are ready to build an empire of small, scalable and perpetually profitable online directories in any niche you choose….learn everything you need to know to stop chasing your tail, spinning your wheels, and following goofy gimmicks and gurus – instead, BUILD SOMETHING – starting today.



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