So today we had a big contest day planned for our PASSION.  PURPOSE.  PUBLISH! 30 day self publishing challenge.

Essentially, as some of you know, we were (are) planning on running a contest where I’ll give away the 30 day self publishing challenge ($497 off), offer our first publishing “contract” to the grand prize winner (a whole suite of services and software to the winning author… help them instantly take their book, brand and business to the next level with all sorts of free swag and marketing mojo- a $3500 value) AND simultaneously, move the folks who are taking the challenge on TEACHABLE (or course platform) to a private class on our social community, where they can interact with other aspiring authors, and fellow challenge participants, etc, etc.

All sounded good in theory, but then again, so did deciding to vote for Ross Perot in 2000 after one Rage Against the Machine show too many.

Anyway, as you can see…..things haven’t been going so well with our contest.  And when I mean not so well, I really mean i can’t get the fucking thing to work.

(which is a nice way of saying, i can’t get the fucking thing to work)

(one of the things not picked up on the  video was my attempt to “sync” Mailchimp with my contest – the pop window, which didn’t appear on the screencast, was completely blank and refused to sync)

For those of you taking part in our private (LAUNCHiT!) mastermind community of upstart online agencies….. I promised you warts.  I am delivering you warts.    The good news, is they are rarely fatal 🙂



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