There are lots and lots of great publishing tools for those of us addicted to writing. (and I’m not talking about red wine and cold pizza, although if I had to pick the 2 that are most helpful for my own 1am creative process, there are your winners 🙂

I’ve written a lot about my own writing process in the past – everything from using a “content cornerstone” to data dump my niche knowledge in one place before I begin, to using the “LAUNCHiT! with Less” template for content and courses (intro/core concept/exercise/q + a/homework/small ask/big ask) to my preferred method these days (Teach 1 Thing template) but all of these approaches are improved and optimized through picking the right tools to organize and outline ideas.

The 2 I’ve been using most frequently over the last few months are:

  1. (for outlining, organizing and project management purposes)
  2. (for creating infographics and visual representations of ideas that are going to becoming books, content, courses and ultimately, offers)

Both of these are free for basic usage, although I pay for Workflowy now, simply because it’s awesome and super affordable (5 bucks a month or so) and Adioma offers so much for free, that I don’t need their premium plans.  (even though I really ought to be paying them, just based on the sheer amount of fun I  have playing with their innovative info graphic tool)

If you aren’t outlining your books, the truth is, unless you are channeling your wisdom from another galaxy  (like one of the members of a “spiritual” publishing community I run told me last week) you probably aren’t writing much.

So try it.  Pick something you have some passion for, and imagine teaching JUST 1 thing about that topic to me, or anyone who hasnt’ tasted or touched your unique experience or expertise in that area.

How will you make me better, by dint of having been exposed to your wisdom, and your words……in JUST this one area.

Imagine your ideal audience moving step wise from knowing nothing, to being competent in just the ONE thing, that this book, blog, content or course endeavors to teach.

Put it into an outline, or an info graphic, and then sketch and flesh it out.  It’s amazingly easy, super exciting and really quite simple to create something that truly improves the world, or at least the corner you care about in this capacity – and in a short afternoon to boot.






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