How to: The Easiest Content Marketing Strategy for New Directories

One of the absolute easiest ways to launch your directory project is actually the most counter intuitive.  Install, but ignore the directory.  Focus on adding ordinary articles and blog posts.

Take 30 days, and just pretend you are building an “average” blog  on a city, niche, vertical or industry, and just add short, relevant blog posts.  Or – Use Buddypress to “curate” content relevant to your niche or locality.   (or better yet – do both)  This gives your project 2 super important things – 1. Momentum (and the smooth slope that comes with pitter patter of progress) and 2. CONTENT.  You can use this content to “seed” the site, so when you’re ready for real eyeballs and live people poking around, (either the public, or your potential members) you’ve got a lot of content available for them to see.

Here is a question that captures this idea, below.

Q from Tatiana on Youtube:  I was thinking to have a city portal focusing on the tourism side of the thing and actually I was just finishing up as a blog. I thought that to start off I should become an authority on the subject and then start partnershiping with local business. Do you believe I should start with a directory theme instead and blog from it? Because I thought about having 2( 1 site for the blogging and 1 for the listing) Not sure how well the listing themes would go to feature a blog. Tks for any feedback ☺️

Hi Tatiana!  I don’t think there is a “right” answer per se, but my own preference (and recommendation) would be to 1. build the site with a directory theme/framework – and 2.  Just focus on adding blog content first (ignoring the directory/listing component) for a fixed period of time (let’s say 30 days – or 90 days or whatever makes the  most sense for you)  3.  When your site starts to “mature” a bit – you already have content (your blog posts) and this offers you some credibility/authority (and hopefully some organic traffic) that allows you to smoothly move into the “listings” phase of your project.  (e.g. – you can slowly start adding listings, to compliment the blog content – and you’re site will look much more “authoritative”, by dint of the blog articles – than it would if you had only one type, or the other.  (blog or listings)

There is a 3rd option as well – which is to use Buddypress and add “curated” content  (like a FB business page would do – linking to other sites/articles or news items of interest) – which, if done with a cohesive strategy – is a great way of building a true authority style site in a city – and iterating/growing the content (and community) in a step wise + strategic fashion.  (there is a lot of nuance to all of this – but the above is the easiest approach, and that integrates the best combination of content – especially on a city/regional style site)  Hope that helps!



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