Over the last few days I’ve gotten a few different emails from subscribers (both new and old) that have asked some pretty similar questions about setting up a product launch – or service launch – or “LAUNCHiT” process for themselves…..without needing “me” to do it.

And in light of the fact that I have so many different PDF’s sprinkled across my blog detailing some very different (and disparate) strategies….I thought I’d reprint the reply I sent to one subcriber this morning – with the hopes that it helps out all who won’t ask, comment or email – but are similarly confused about where to start, which pieces to prioritize, and which parts of the process might have worked BETTER a few years ago, but are no longer as important today.  (and considering the PDF’s that detail and document this stuff still cite some of those strategies – I figured it would probably be a good idea to update some of those ideas, in the event you are trying to piece all of this stuff together on your own)

Here is the question.  (and my answer below)  There have been several similar questions over the last 3 days or so – but this is probably the most complete opinion I’ve offered in response – hopefully – if you are trying to do something similar – it helps you as well.   (and again – as you always see in the small flickering print at the bottom of the screen – this is only MY approach – and my advice – your results – and rewards – may vary 🙂



I am really intrigued by this idea of the question and answer style blog but I just can’t visualize it. How it all plays out on the site. Is it the main page after option is it a tab on the blog.
I’m befuddled. Im just about ready to launch my site as far as content goes but from the launcheffapp.com I can’t see how the question and answer portion plays out.


My Reply:

Hi 🙂

The 2 ideas are completely disparate strategies – the Q and A blog is not designed to be integrated with a “Launch” blog – the launch blog is set up to build a list – to build buzz for your brand and business – to generate subscribers and then to reward those subscribers with some sort of incentive for helping to evangelize your offer on social media, and across the web.
The Q and A blog is more of an SEO style/content marketing strategy – you find out what people want to know in your niche – and you use the Q and A approach to establish both expertise (by answering the questions) and through creating a community Q and A where others can get involved, and participate in your process.
(you can use TUMBLR for that equally as well – they have an ask me anything feature that works really, really well – is 100% free – and is a great audience engagement tool – the Q and A idea is a great one – but there are other options now that are easier to implement, versus what I recommended in those initial PDF’s a few years back)
Overall – the most important thing is to build a list, and to create compelling, consistent content that engages, inspires and entertains that list enough to want them to choose you – over your competition.
That is the key to all of this stuff – and with it – success is incredibly easy – but without it – it’s almost impossible.
So if you were going to focus on one thing – I’d recommend using that launch blog to grow your list – build real rapport and relationship with folks who sign up – and then follow through with whatever it is that you ultimately want to do – and you’ll find it’s easier than you think to make it all work!
(but I would skip the Q and A blog for starters – just build your list – write to them often – think of creative ways to sell what it is that you have to offer – and add the other stuff as it becomes necessary)

So for any of YOU reading this who are struggling with trying to piece some of that together……..

I’d skip the Q and A blog recommendations I’ve made in the past – focus on list building – and blog building using a conventional blog – AND TUMBLR – and I’d use Tumblr’s “Ask me Anything” feature to emulate the Q and A portion of the “Content Community Continuum” strategy I outlined in the past – and send my subscribers who signed UP on day 1, to a Tumblr blog – rather than a Q and A blog – to expedite the process of creating viral content – and user generated content – and a community of people who are paying attention to what you have to say in your niche. 

Also –

Sometime this week I’ll publish a really quick overview of one of my “name your own price” coaching clients that we literally generated about 400 new visitors to their brand new blog – in less than 2 days – 100% FREE traffic – writing in an anonymous PEN NAME, TOO – using the “complimentary” content type that leads a “BIG fish” type to take notice of what you said….and directs his (or her:-) readers to check  out the flattering commentary around the web written about them…… (by YOU) and how to use and leverage that to build your OWN list – and your own audience – so easy it’s almost embarrassing!  (it actually is a little bit embarrasing – when you consider how a little bit of contrived complimentary content can be so effective – we’re so ego starved for attention that the same stuff that worked in high school – still works wonderfully well today!)

Lastly – if you want to work with me at all this year – now is the time. 

I have space for a few more people through July – and after that – I’m done working with the general “IM” and home based, entrepreneurial niche for the forseeable forever.  (which means that unless you are a fan of the Singularity and believe we’ll all be around in 2095 – the liklihood is, if not now….never 🙂

Get in touch – especially if you’ve been a long silent subscriber – as I’ve written about numerous times now – this site will become an archive for folks paying for access fairly soon – password protected & subscription based – and only available for my future larger ticket clients going forward – I’d love to work with some current members of the community, before I switch gears next month!  (use the contact form for more – or if you’re a current subcriber on my list – just drop me an email and let me know how I can help!)

(and if you’ve enjoyed stuff I’ve written in the past – and want to have it in your own archieve – please grab the files you think you’ll want sooner, rather than later:-)




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