How To Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Campaign (Content Community Continuum Cheat Sheet)

As promised, here is the “cheat sheet” for setting up a SUPER simple, very basic but profitable affiliate marketing campaign using the Content Community Continuum as the framework.

(this really doesn’t even scratch the surface of the power and potential you can inject into this, but for those of you who simply need a nudge in a new direction, and want an alternative to the ninkinpoops and the nefarious nonsense that DOESN’T work……..this DOES)

Grab the free PDF HERE.…..and if you have just serendipitiously stumbled onto this blog and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, stop back tommorow and I’ll try to explain.

Or not.

(but i’m too tired to type another word)



  1. I am SO glad I found your karmicconsulting site, and have learned more hands-on, practical, put-it-to-work knowledge in the last week than the last six months. Thanks so much Ian for your incredible giving spirit … I hope to be able to pay you SOON for your advice … you are worth it!! ~Jean

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