How to Launch a Niche Newsletter for Your Digital Media Brand (Video #2)

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You WILL have a brand new, niche newsletter for your digital media brand by January 15th. That’s 30 days from now. It’s going to be awesome. And we’ll do it for you. Would you rather do it yourself? That’s cool, too! Watch this video to see how easy (and fun) it is!

Here is the truth: If you want to outperform, outcompete, outsmart and out-rank your competition – exceed your expectations – engage your audience – and build BUZZ for your brand, business and bank account… don’t need a better directory theme.

You don’t need better plugins. You don’t need fancier tools or tech.

You simply need to expand your brand. You simply need more content. Better content. Resource rich content that helps your ideal community make better decisions, get better deals, inspire or motivate them to action – or make their lives easier in meaningful ways that matter.

That’s how you’re going to build a footprint that matters – that increases in value – that builds loyal readers and subscribers – and allows you (and your platform) to truly earn what you’re worth.

Don’t build a directory. Build a digital media brand.

And there is no bigger, better or easier way to build brand loyalty – to share deals – to earn “eyeballs” – than having a newsletter that shows up in people’s inboxes – and actually gets opened, clicked, and shared.

80% + of my income comes from email marketing. From cultivating a community – and real rapport and relationships with my readers. (much like you are reading this right now 🙂 started as a simple newsletter list of curated products that the founder found interesting in the tech space. (it’s now a huge Silicon Valley darling and the 1 email I look forward to everyday)

The Skimm started as a silly side hustle passion project in a cubicle sized NYC apt – and has morphed into one of the most high profile newsletters on our planet.

At bottom – they’re both really just examples of curated content.

You don’t need to want to build the next billion dollar behometh to launch your own digital media brand newsletter.

It’s the PERFECT fit for local directories (deals, coupons, news and events) marketplaces (people, products, content and courses) or building REAL relationships with your niche neighbors and professional peers. (sharing their articles, their interviews, their opinions and favorite appearances)

I’ve partnered with the largest online curated newsletter service to get great discounts coupons for my subscribers in 2019 (I’m happy to share a few now if you want one) – AND – we’re going to be rolling out a VIP”Done for You” newsletter curation service this weekend (Dec 15th) for ANY of you who want us to do the work – and build for you a professional newsletter FOR YOUR BRAND while you enjoy your holidays 🙂

(you will literally have a whole month of issues published by this very time in January – and I cant’ think of a better way to get behind yourself and PUSH – and make 2019 the year you finally step up and build the brand and grow the platform that you’ve been putting off……but would love to have live one mere month from today.

We have space for 4 additional clients only – I expect this will be filled over the weekend – so if you’re interested – reply to this email and we can discuss!

If you’d like to do this yourself – I can’t recommend it highly enough – keep your eye on this video course I’m creating for those of you who want to grow your own.

Hope all is well! 🙂


Alone we can change a neighborhood. Together we can change the world.

Become a Brand Ambassador & Preferred Platform Partner



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