Actually 51words.

It was originally 49, but I added 2 more that fit a bad blind date I went on last night.

(Embarrassing and cringe-worthy)

The truth is, I shared these a few years ago, and I still get emails every week from folks who are using them in their own content campaigns to lift open rates, improve click through rates and radically re-invigorate blog post titles and headlines with compelling, curious and creative copy that beg to be noticed.

* Explosive
* Proven
* Overlooked
* Unsung
* Extraordinary
* Bizarre
* Peculiar
* Absurd
* Weird
* Important
* Outstanding
* Stunning
* Spectacular
* Revealing
* Sensational
* Super
* Guaranteed
* Secret
* Free
* Hardcore
* Unusual
* Sincere
* Genuine
* Underground
* Honest
* Real
* Shameful
* Humiliating
* Cringe Worthy
* Embarrassing
* Eclectic
* Dirty
* Truthful
* Only for
* How to
* Proven
* Rarely
* Confidential
* Urgent
* Warning
* Stop
* (Parenthetically)
* Scintillating
* Guaranteed
* Attention
* Finally
* Shortcuts
* Insider
* Amazing
* Caution

Notice: Putting Them Together exponentially ( another good word!) increases their power in super simple ways.

Here are a few examples:

Like so:

Warning! Explosive Credit Repair Secrets (Proven to Raise Your Credit Score Fast)

Urgent: Little Known Credit Repair Techniques Guaranteed to Raise Your Score 30 Points (in 30 days or less)

Not the best headlines for sure………but just remove the “power” words and (parentheses) and notice how “lifeless” they REALLY become.

But don’t take my word for it…….

Copy them – and put them to use and watch your readership respond…:-)

Also HERE is the entire PDF for the Enlightened Entrepreneur intro – all 25 (or so) pages in one place – you can literally build your entire business on the firm foundation of this process….and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, not only are YOU missing out in a major league way, so TOO are all the people who could be benefiting from your passion and expertise..:-)

(so re-read it….and APPLY it, it’s easy, tons of FUN……AND it really works!)



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