Hey all!  Happy Friday!   If you’re interested in “expanding your brand” and extending your platform – affiliate marketing (done the right way) is the absolute easiest way to cultivate a community, to earn an amazing income, build REAL rapport with your professional peers…..and if you’re smart and strategic – it will allow you to “Seed” your site with high value listings, products, and members who will actually elevate YOU as the go to “guru” or authority in your niche, industry, marketplace or locality.

In my newest course on building a digital media brand.
…..several people asked questions about how to find, surface and discover affiliate marketing or partnership opportunities, to incorporate  across your brand platform.  

I recorded a video a few minutes ago
 where I walk through a super simple way of doing this that is IDEAL for “niche” directories (but will work for local ones, too) – and for those of you who offer brand building or digital media services to your members – is a great way of not only earning an income as an affiliate – but also positioning yourself as an expert, authority and thought leader in the “brand building” space as well.  The video is in the “bonus content” section – and the written instructions are pasted below:  (they accompany the video, too)  

Step 1. Go to Gumroad.com/discover. Step 2. Search for keywords related to your niche, idea, topic, or passion project. Step 3. Find products that resonate with your content and community. Step 4. Contact the sellers and let them know you’d like to become an affiliate! Step 5. This is an IDEAL opportunity for those of you who’d like to build a digital media “agency” – (offering brand building services to your audience) as you’ll find that many sellers, EVEN on Gumroad, where there is a robust and customizable affiliate module – don’t understand what affiliate marketing is – or why they ought to do it – hence, you’re intervention in their thinking process on this topic – will be valuable and welcome. (and of course, offers ripe opportunity for more robust consultations) Also note – this is merely ONE example of how to do this in an “independent” context – you could also go straight to the major affiliate networks (CJ – Shareasale, et al) and do the very same thing – by applying to the programs within the network itself. (that method is obviously more popular – but much less personal – hence, for the right type of entrepreneur (me!) this approach- when available – is preferable ­čÖé



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