Here is a pretty cool way to brand your Vantage 4.0 directory in some unique and creative ways.  It’s a new plugin that changes the way your pins (and map) appear on a default Vantage install.  Read a bit more about it below.

A bunch of people have been checking out Vantage 4.0 through my affiliate link, and have been asking customization questions about modifying the theme.

The truth is, when it comes to coding, or design, or making modifications to a WP theme of any kind (a directory or otherwise) i’m not the sort of person you’re going to want to take advice from – not because I can’t do it (If I give myself enough free time and enough booze, I can fumble my way through the code and CSS to make it look almost the way I want) – but simply stated, I’m pretty much a complete code dummy – and there are far more elegant, intelligent and expeditious approaches than asking me for advice.  (although if I’ve had enough caffeine, I may pretend to know what I’m talking about)

That said, here is a super easy way to change the map based elements of your Vantage directory, using a $14 plugin that was just released in the appthemes marketplace.

It makes some stylistic enhancements to the map and pin system – AND, from a marketing standpoint, opens up some really interesting ways to conceptualize how you can advertise and promote your featured listings as well. (something that is a bit bare and underwhelming, in my view, on the base Vantage framework thus far)


Because you can literally change the graphic icons for any categories you choose on your directory. This means, you can set a different color, pin and icon for FEATURED lets say – or “BEST OF” lets say – and they’ll appear this way on the map, to folks in the public who are browsing your directory, and looking for the premium spots to eat, shop or visit in your community.

This is much more appealing, from my perspective, than a traditional “featured” listing, as a way of enticing and seducing your members to want to buy a premium listing, or to include as part and parcel of some higher cost package that INCLUDES showing up on the map in a very complimentary and unique way.

While I wouldn’t clutter up the map with a lot of meaningless icons – you CAN do this for unlimited categories – which really amps up your ability to showcase specific individual listings in a way that appeals to their ego – and should have a really practical and measurable bump in their click throughs as well. (from the map —> to their listing)

Lots of cool things coming for Vantage through the appthemes marketplace – I’ve been in touch with a few plugin + theme makers since before Vantage 4 was even released, and I’m pretty sure that, all things considered, Vantage may reclaim it’s place as the goto directory theme for WordPress, for the second half of 2017.

And don’t forget, you still have another few days (until April 21) to can get a great deal on their LAUNCH BUNDLE, which includes 3 premium plugins, in addition to the theme + framework as well.



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