Is content curation the same thing as stealing?

Is clipping, snipping and collecting content from around the web that you think your audience will enjoy tantamount to cheating?

The truth is, in my mind, there is NO faster, easier or more ethical way to quickly build an authority site in your niche, market or industry that finding people who have something valuable to offer…and simply taking a small sample or excerpt, and then pointing those who want to learn more BACK to the original source for more.

A win/win for everyone, right?

It’s like the kid from “2 1/2 Men” telling us his show is the work of the Devil….yet, still depositing the paycheck on Fridays anyway, just because it’s too big to cash. 

(or something like that anyway – forgive me, i’ve been drinking since noon)

The truth is, while there is lots of pomp and circumstance and step by step silliness about how exactly to curate content the RIGHT way everywhere you look online….in my view, you aren’t going to find many people who truly “get” how publishing works, who also complain when folks borrow a little bit of their content in demostrating how awesome they are)

I’d much rather have 100 people copying different little chunks and hunks of every blog I post and then DIRECTING their readers to come check out more….than worry about the 3 paragraphs of my own words they’ve clipped or snipped to “sell” the click)

Make sense?

I want to share with you what MAY be the absolute easiest, most elegant and expeditous way to learn how to curate content like a PRO, in an enviorment where it’s not only encouraged…..but it’s build into the success of the platform to boot.

Simply open a Tumblr account and play with it for a few days.

It’s a ton of fun…and as I’ve pointed out a few times in the last couple weeks, the BEST content, and the most viral content, on Tumblr… the CURATED content!  (and they reward you for curating content in a whole hodge podge of cool and creative ways….most notably, you get INSTANT exposure and can create a community of fans, friends and followers simply by curating lots of stuff your “ideal” audience wants to read)

If you are a coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, mentor, marketer or PASSION professional who wants to learn how to build your blog and brand using Tumblr…..let me know via the contact form above.  (we have some cool blog building services now for Tumblr marketers that are pretty unique and very effective) OR simply go open a Tumblr account yourself….dive in, get your face muddy, and have some fun! )

For some more thoughts, opinions and perspectives on content curation from around the web, check out the article at the link, following the short excerpt below.

I am frequently asked, “is curation stealing?” I wrote a blog post that answers this question and related questions, including copyright issues titled, “Common Content Curation Questions Answered.” It is a common concern, and it should be.This is why when I came across the post “How to Curate Online Content Without Stealing” by Jeszlene on the First Communication Job blog I wanted to curate it. It is worth reading if you are interested in content curation, as are some other post of hers. Here, is one snippet that deals with crediting the source of shared content…

How to Curate Content Without Stealing – B2B Content Engine



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