How to: Talking head videos, product reviews, screenshares, tutorials and user onboarding video with

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on a few recorded calls as a great (FREE) way to create product videos, or “talking head” videos that do an amazing job selling your stuff (or yourself) to a new audience.

I actually stumbled across Opentest via a producthunt a bunch of months ago, and knew right away I wished I had discovered it a day or two earlier. (because I had just purchased a program that does roughly the same thing – for $97 or something – that is harder to use, licensed on a per system basis – and not browser based)

Opentest is FREE. Which is awesome. Just like you.

And while I have absolutely no inside information to suggest otherwise – I would imagine at some point, as they get more (well deserved) exposure, they will have to charge something – at some point down the road.

If you think you’d like to teach, or have a product launch coming up, or want to help your clients or customers get acclimated to, or understand a feature, or want to do a FAQ with screenshares and examples, or just want to see what you look like sitting on the floor with a bad hat on (hint – not great, which is why the kill camera feature is awesome 🙂 – opentest is well worth checking out.

Note: Here is an example video I did for a Tumblr based marketing course – using Opentest – so you can see how effortless it is.



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