How to Create a Compelling Character, Content Creation Questions and MORE Content Community Continuum Q and A

Here is the link to the 3rd Content Community Continuum Q and A 2.0 pdf.

I truly hope that these follow up Q and A documents are helping to illuminate how this whole “system’ really works.

More importantly, I hope you are finding them as informative, educational and entertaining as I am in writing them..:-)

I know that many people don’t like to leave comments…….or to say “hi” – but if you find these helpful, I’d love to hear about it – either leave a comment or question below – OR – share these posts so that others can get access to information that really CAN change their lives, if they allow themselves to invest in their own imagination.

DOWNLOAD:   Content Community Continuum Q and A 2.0 pdf.



  1. Hi Ian,
    I stumbled into your site the other day. I love your clarity in the world of often confusing internet marketing. Perhaps most of all, I appreciate your non-aggressive approach. Assertive Yes! But not aggressive…So many of the other sites are run by men with big egos. You are a breath of fresh air. I also plan to succeed using your plan.

  2. I find everything I’ve gotten from you over the past couple of weeks regarding CCC to be EXTREMELY helpful. I’m dissecting it all as though I’m in biology class, and particularly grateful that you give step-by-step instructions on how to implement it. I also want to thank you for putting all your posts in a font that’s easy to read. I ABSOLUTELY HATE Ariel font and all other fonts that have no serifs on the bottom. It’s grueling to plow through copy with those fonts, so THANKS BUNCHES IAN!

  3. i appreciate the in-depth response, ian – and you’re right; there *is* something that i’m passionate about, where i think i’ve got something to offer that will make a life-changing difference to a lot of people, and that this could work great with, but i was just starting an affiliate project in a different market when i ran across you and this concept and thought i could use that project as a test bed, so to speak – iron some of the kinks out before i launch this in that other space where i know i can make a contribution – hence my question about how to work it that way.

    thanks again!


  4. Thanks, Brian – I know you’ve been on my list for a few years, so I hope you do!

    Kevin that’s a great question – and something I *think* I covered in the first PDF in one of the bullets – although I might have taken it out of the version I emailed to the larger list –

    YES – and No.

    You have to think about your content strategically – i.e. – as you ask above – you might *SELECTIVELY* create content that lives on the directories for JUST these mailings – i.e. – you identify 3 or 5 articles that promote a redirect – or lead back to a specific page on the community that you want to build because of the keywords on that page are important – or because it has something that is viral and can be spread and shared on the social networks – hence – those 2, or 5 or 7 articles – or whatever the sequence looks like – MAY promote or point to something outside of the squeeze page.

    Or NOT – because you can use your existing list to EXPONENTIALLY improve the views those articles get – leading TO the squeeze page – which means you are going to use your existing list to BUILD your content’s popularity, while sacraficing the resource box action – BUT – giving these people, your subscribers, acess to more good content you’ve created purely for the relationship and rapport and psychic good will you create when you do so.

    I.E – if I sent THIS list an article I wrote in the Article Marketing niche – and said – hey, Kevin – check out this article I wrote on something you may have been wondering about per the Content Community Continuum process – I think you’ll find it helpful……

    And that POINTS to my squeeze page – I’m NOT going to add you to my list – but you’ll help me add potentially 2 new people – as will every other “kevin” who reads it. (and in the ARTICLE MARKETING niche – for example – the TOP articles only have a few hundred”views” in the most popular section – I could literally do that once a week and “own” every spot just on this list alone – i.e. – I’d only need a small fraction of my list to click on the link to dominate the page – and that’s what I’m trying to teach you guys to do)

    The ONE caveat could be of course – if this technique is discounted due to the “gaming” element it appears to involve. I’d argue – quite simply – that’s it’s pure – helpful – valuable – and done properly, is something that benefits the article directories as much as it benefits my readers – my subscribers – my community – and my brand.

    (or yours)

    Good question though – and not one that is asked often – and the truth is – it’s FLEXIBLE – you can think it through differently than I have above – create ONE article that points to something totally different if you want – or a different page on the same site – or just leave the squeeze page up and basically just not worry about the fact that you’re not “getting” anything extra from folks on your list – other than offering them more good content to absorb.

    I’d recommend you don’t develop this whole thing around something you don’t care about or know alot about to be honest with you – simply because I’m sure there is something you do, that would make for a better investment of your time and energy. That said – I don’t think I’ve ever sseen a niche that didn’t have a free ebook – or a free offer that some program in the marketplace offered – I’d either pick an offer that has one – or borrow one inducement and use it for another – or re-pack something branded to one and make it unique to the other, etc.

    (this is hugely important part of the trust building facet – you SHOULD have something highly valuable to offer straight away….and if you don’t – you’ll lose a significant percentage of your momentum with those who will be unimpressed and are less likely to be wowed so easily on day 2 – or even read day 2)

    I’ll probably share some stuff in the next week on this per THIS email campaign – i.e. – what the folks on MY different lists have done after I send out the first PDF in this series- and some of what I’ve learned as a result.

  5. @walt – good to see somebody else diving into this with both feet – looks like we’re about pacing each other here (i’ve got my q&a site set up, am adding questions and have the skeletons of some content put together) – best of success to you!

    @ian – one thing i haven’t quite wrapped my brain around with the initial setup is the offsite content:

    let’s say i have some articles on ezinearticles; am i pointing all of them at my squeeze page? if so, when i send my list folks to my articles on day 3, 6, an 10 of the ar sequence, won’t i get a lot of the same folks who are already on the list being sent back to the squeeze page?

    or am i using one set of articles to send people to the squeeze page and another for the follow-up sequence?

    also, any tips on creating juicy opt-in bait if i’m doing this as an affiliate in a niche i know next to nothing about?

    thanks again,


  6. Thanks Ian,

    I too missed the Saturday night mai tais and Sports Center Hoops highlights… actually was working on the Q&A site til 5AM.

    Accountant? Nope. My brother is a partner in a CPA firm. Even after 30 years in the biz, he still works 100 hours a week during tax season. Insane! Orthodontist? Kids with crooked teeth kinda scare me. Golf pro … yep, now, THAT I could do. (I’m actually a scratch handicap, so yes, it was a fleeting thought…)

    Anywho… decided to dump the new FB comment system and go simply with FB and other social sharing buttons. I’m concerned the convo would move to FB, rather than on the blog.

    On this first site, rather than outsourcing, I’m doing all the content, so I know how it works, how much time it takes, steps, etc. so I can easily outsource on future sites.

    I hear ya on having the backs of your current clients and protecting your source of income. Any examples and “unique-Google-kosher-tricks” you decide to share sure would be appreciated, but I think I got the basics of how this thing works figured out.

    Again, I should have my Q&A site, landing page, and a couple initial articles knocked out this week. If you like, I’ll make them an open book for your critique for others in your group.

  7. I’m just getting around to reading the reports. So far, it’s great stuff, but if the media reports a global shortage of the letter ‘c’ in the near future, I know who to blame!

    I won’t be able to get the theme til next weekend, but I’m definitely going to take action on this.

  8. Thanks, Jeff – i appreciate the comments above -and yes, that is one very powerful permutation of this approach – and it’s a great way to build a community as well, as others will be happy to join in if you give them the platform to sound off on similar experiences.

    (plus it builds trust, rapport, and when people share emotionally in the experience of being victimized so to speak – they “invest” in your content – and in your community – and if you do it right, your character as well. (there are certainly some pretty good examples of that being done right now for sure)

    At some point you have to lift people up to make it work – i.e. – the finger pointing only gets you so far if you’re trying to build a business – but you use the other content types after you’ve created genuine trust and rapport – offer honest solutions – and you’ll be in good shape.

  9. Ian, if you would rather use my earlier post as a testimonial, or anything else, please use it as you think fit.
    Re the beer I mentioned, I’ve bought the Askit theme and Aweber through your links instead.

  10. Ian, I’ve just read through your latest PDF and I’m just leaving this post to thank you for it, especially the 9 point reminder at the end, which threw a bucket of ice water over me. The water woke me up and prompted me to bash the keys, sorry, calmly and creatively stroke the keys, in response.

    I’ve been doing due internet diligence for the past five months, trying to decide which avenue to take.
    I thought it was all about joining lists, getting free stuff (mostly © 2001/2), reading, writing articles, and buying into the miasma that surrounds making a side order of money on the internet.
    I’ve been scammed, lied to, cheated, duped, and I’m totally embarrassed by how naive I have been.
    Now I’ve read your last two reports I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
    Because you’ve made me realize I’m now mad enough with everything to be an effective voice for anyone/everyone who comes after me.
    You’ve made me see that something as plain and simple as assuming a Character can have a massive, massive effect.
    I’ve only read your first two reports but they have truly made me look at myself and what I can offer, and your one piece of advice about adopting a Character has given me an amazing amount of freedom.

    As Jeff Pearson, I write calm, well structured articles that “add value”, I spend inordinate amounts of time deciding on what to do, and where to go next. If anyone reads stuff by me, my ego wants it to be good.
    Just read that again and hear how I come across!
    Positively Anal.

    But as Notime Toulouse, I’m now hitting the forums, bending ears, and denouncing crap whenever I stand in it.
    Plus praising the good.
    Thanks to your reports I’m now free to be controversial, and to challenge everything I disagree with, but I’m amazed at how the other 7 content types suddenly fall into place just because I’ve chosen a voice and character.

    I’ve bought, and the hare is off and running.

    This is an amazing place to be. Yes I’m out of my comfort zone, yes it’s cold and windy here, and yes sometimes my arms get a bit tired waving this flag, but hey ho, it’s bound to get warmer, and my arms will strengthen up with constant use.
    And Money? Money will come.
    Have a voice first. Prevent what happened to me happening to others first.
    Adapt and blend the 9 content types, in everything I do and it’s all going to be fine.

    Money will come, but suddenly that’s not what’s driving the bus.

    This is not an ass kissing post Ian.
    Just a thank you, because for the first time in I can’t remember when, I’m freed up and happy.
    If you weren’t 4000 miles away I’d buy you a beer.

  11. Thank you, Terry – believe me – when it gets to the point where you are going back to edit comments you leave on blogs – you know you are over-thinking it..:-)

    It is a huge problem for many people – which is why i recommend trying to get into the “character” elements of the creative process – and why occassionally a pen name can be the equivilant of giving yourself “permission” to be less self critical. (which is all that being obsessed with perfection really is – in your life – or in your writing)

    Try playing the part of someone who has something interesting to stay – is fun – creative and doesn’t care about being perfect. See if that doesn’t help you become less OCD. (for example – i could care less that I spelled occassioanlly wrong above, OR – that I spelled it wrong again just now – sure in a perfect world I’d fix it – but I’m tired – it’s late – and you already find me entertaining, so why mess with a good thing?)

  12. Thanks, Walt – and yes, one of the very first one’s of these I did was on a site that was built using PPC – in a hard to monetize market – and leveraged that evolving list by very specifically asking them to share their contributions to the community on FB (using simple WP share plugins) and it was actually the most successful element of the project.

    (i.e. – the community didn’t really make money – but that one tactic spread the content very virally – brought lots of tangential FB traffic who also joined the community – or spread that same content laterally to their sphere of influence, and we used one list – to help grow multiple communities in very different “general interest” markets the very same way – it’s one of the most exciting applications of this specific approach – and I’ll share some of these very simple tweaks and techniques in the coming weeks.

    Yes I outsource the seed content – which are typically the QUESTIONS – and then the subquestion or supplemental stuff that adds dimension to the question (which again, is a natural thing – not contrived) and then the COMMUNITY, in the perfect scenario – adds, embellishes, layers and deepens the dialog in such a way that your 100 word “seed” questions evolves into a 10 or 15 level deep response that is very natural, very unique, and very advantageous to your readers, and the search engines as well.

    Yes – I will be building several of these with clients for example purposes over the course of the next few months and using these for demonstrations I will also be (and have already) be sharing examples of live sites with existing coaching clients, which is how I make my living..:-) How much of this I make public is dependent on their comfort level – the comfort level of parters on existing sites that are a bit less than enthusiastic about sharing so openly, etc – I will be doing a call this week with a client who has already agreed to at least have some of her stuff be used for example purposes – so stay tuned for that.

    No – the article directories are only used for list building in this system…….i have a whole bunch of stuff that works to improve, augment, and accelerate both the OFFISITE content (i.e. – the stuff that lives on directories) and then simultaneously – the stuff on the community blog as well – including some unique tricks I’ve talked about for a while……but I really see no one else really doing, and that work very well for authentic “SEO” – and to be totally honest……I actually hate to share because I know folks will ruin at least a few of them with abuse..:-)

    (but I’ll share at least some of them here nonetheless…and they are totally Google kosher as well – just because they are all people and quality friendly techniques..:-)

    A better question Walt, would be why am I writing all of this at 12:15 am on a Saturday night when I could be down in the hotel bar drinking mai tais and watching sports center college basketball highlights?

    I mean, I could have done this tommorow morning, right?

    You probably won’t be reading it tonight anyway. There is a good chance that you may not be reading this at all. I often wonder if I would have been happier as an accountant – or maybe an orthodontist – or even a golf pro or something.

    Less late nights. Probably more respectable friends, too.

  13. Hi Ian,

    I have to admit that I do find you entertaining. But, that’s not to say that you aren’t helpful. I’m still trying to work out a problem I have, that you pointed out a while ago.

    You said that one of the reasons some people take longer than necessary to get anywhere is because they deliberate too much about their writing. That’s definitely me.

    I know about free writing and all that. But, I still don’t know how to stop doing it. I’m a little OCD about having to go back and fix things. In fact, I’m doing it right now.

    So, I’m just going to say thanks and sign off before I spend the next half hour rewriting this.


  14. Hey Ian,

    Really enjoying your Content Community Continuum info.

    I’m in the process of putting my Q&A site together (along with a launch of a new site- I do marketing consulting with high-ticket local service businesses- kitchen design & remodel,tax and financial planning, specialty attorney, such as estate planning) …

    And I got a couple questions for ya…

    1.Do you see any advantage in using Facebook Comments to spread the word on FB?

    2. On the questions/posts… How long? Simply title and short blurb expanding the question? Do you go in and “seed” answers to the questions/provide additional content, or is the more in-depth content created via the articles on the article directories? Do you have a q$a site to take a peak at to get an idea of how it works?

    I’ll have my site and Q&A site up and populated with questions next week. Also, when this is up and ready, I’ll shoot you the links and a testimonial.

    Thanks for sharing your passion, energy, emotion, and excitement on this stuff… it show!


  15. Thanks, Ang – I appreciate the comment – and I’m going to start filtering this stuff down to the people who ARE particpating very soon..:-)

    (i.e. – I’d rather have 300 people who get involved – ask questions – leave comments – and follow the instructions in the PDF’s – rather than 5000 who read the posts and consume the content without investing anything – emotion – inquiry – enthusiasm – energy – effort, etc and slink away without adding anything constructive to the conversation)

    (which is just my tired, 2am way of saying thanks for the comment above – and your other comments and contributions in the past – they do not go un-noticed!)

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