Q:  What is the average salary for a life coach?  Is it better to be a business coach…..or to have a specific specialty over generic “life” coaching services?  And if so…..WHY so?

Here is an interesting article on some of the average earning expectations are for the various types of coaches and consultants for 2012.

The ironic thing is, I looked at (and published) some very different numbers this morning…..but the disparity between the actual earnings is less meaningful, than the consistency underlying the idea that SPECIALIZING in something is super important.

(in this case, the numbers I looked this morning for a different blog post on Tumblr were a little bit less, but the idea that specializing in business, or health, or finance, or spirituality.….or WHATEVER it is that you have the most passion and purpose and feel able to help improve the lives of your clients, is critical to amping UP your income over average)

That was one super run on sentence…;-)

  1. The takeway is – as cliche as it sounds – pick a niche.
  2. And identify your ideal audience.
  3. And then craft a coaching curriculum, and create a community that allows you to not only earn an income that will make you smile…..doing work that you love.

Check out the full article at the link below…..or say hi using the contact form above, to see how we can help you grow brand, and build your coaching practice in 2012 and beyond.

But a Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey of international coach salaries just came out, so here’s some new info, broken down by type of coach.It’s important to note that executive, life and business coaching incomes vary wildly, (anywhere from free to thousands of dollars per hour) so these averages may not represent what most coaches actually make. However they do offer some clues.Average coaching salaries according to Sherpa: * Executive Coaches make $325 per hour * Business Coaches make $235 per hour * Life Coaches make $160 per hourWhat’s the difference between a life coach, a business coach and an executive coach? Sherpa’s definition of an executive coach is someone who coaches executives on behavioral issues, which basically means an executive coach is a life coach for executives.

Life Coach Salary: How Much Money Do Professional Coaches Make?



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