How is This Possible, Facebook?

Dear Mr Zuckerberg;

How did I start my day with a 70% response rate on our business page – spend the vast majority of today carefully responding to as many REALLY old (yikes!) messages as I could – end the day with NO new messages, but our response rate rating went down to 40%?

I’m no math major- it sounds like someone in Engineering can’t carry the 1.

Had I known the 3 hours worth of inbox follow up would have made us look even less responsive to our friends and fans – I would have watched Tucker Carlson re-runs instead.

Okay, that’s not true.   But something close to as torturous.

Mark – if you’re reading this – I know you’re dealing with the 50 million accounts that were “compromised” today (pro tip – I was one of them) – but if you get a free moment and wantn to kill two birds with one stone, send me a text – i promised my partners I’d fix the ugly response rate thingy by the end of the week.  (and it is Friday, just in case you forgot to check)

Thanks again,





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