[stag_intro]How far would you go to find your flow?[/stag_intro]

What do you LOVE?  What makes you happy?  What makes you come alive?  What do you love to do so much…..that you WOULD get up every day and do it, just because you could?

I’ve always been fascinated by flow.  (so much so that I wrote a pretty bad book with that as it’s title)

The idea that there are outliers amongst us who simply push, prod and propel themselves forward in ways that society at large tells us are taboo.

To throw caution to the wind.  To REALLY dance like no one is watching…..rather than using cheap and cheesy cliche’s like that as a bad bumper sticker for how you live your life.

One of my Facebook friends turned me on to this new documentary called SLOMO.…..about a guy who is perenially present (literally and figuratively..:-) on Pacific Beach in San Diego…..literally dancing to a drum beat that only he can hear.

His real name – in another life was Dr. John Kitchin – but now he is just the mysterious enigma known as SLOMO.

I do think that it’s tough for most of us to simply pick up and pack it in…and simply do what we love at the expense of everything (and everybody) else.

What may seem or sound spiritual and freeing to a small piece of the puzzle that is within each of us…..may be sad and selfish to the rest of us.

But at it’s core…..there is something about the idea of authentic aliveness –  doing what you love each and every day, without counting the cost or compromise – embracing the adventure and jumping on the joy of JAMAIS VU in a never ending experience of exuberant aliveness is so incredibly inspiring that it begs to be shared.

Check out the documentary HERE – and watch a grass roots, home grown video of SLOMO doing what he does so well, above 🙂






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