How to Build an E-Commerce Exchange & Marketplace For Your Digital Media Brand


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Here is a 10 Point PDF – and video walkthrough
 of what I believe is the fastest, most reliable, most exciting and innovative approach any of us use to rapidly grow a digital media brand using the authority site model.Everyone understands “affiliate marketing” to one degree or another.  We’ve all purchased Amazon books, for example – through a link – or signed up for some product or program from a recommendation – or on some level, either wittingly or unwittingly – participated in a JV/affiliate or professional platform that had an exchange or marketplace engine at play.

This is truly the ONE single strategy that can transform your brand, business and bank account – and yet… many only have a super surface level understanding of how ideal this model REALLY is – when you are building a platform around something you love.  (be it your town – or your niche)

This video walks through the 10  affiliate “buckets
” – or the surface level opportunities and approaches I use and recommend for incorporating this  idea in your web directory business.  You don’t need all of them to have massive success – and to establish yourself as a legitimate thought leader – community builder – and go to “guru” in your niche – if you do this the right way.

This is a universal truth – it’s niche (or topic) agnostic  – and I promise, if you truly understand this model – it will transform the way you think about your directory, your project, your community and your digital media brand.

I’ll be teaching a new course on this starting on Sept 24th.    You can sign up for the pre-launch, here.

Watch the video here
.The PDF strategy that accompanies this video is at the top of your members area – so access and download that, by signing in here!

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The new course will be available on the 24th.   About 25 spots will be available.      You can sign up for the pre-launch, here.



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