Here is How You’re Going to Effortlessly Add New Content to Your Community, Position Your Platform as the Pre-Eminent Authority in Market & Get Noticed in Your Niche….BEFORE You add a Single Listing

Hey all 🙂

2 Quick things to share today.

1. Don’t make this mistake. If there only 1 unique or different or inspiring you take away from my approach, and ethos for building an authority site or business directory, I hope it’s THIS.

You AREN’T building a niche directory or authority site. You are building a digital media BRAND, and a powerful platform through which you can empower, inspire and uplift your audience. The directory is only ONE piece of the puzzle. (and if you only focus there, you’re severely shortchanging the power and potential of your platform – and your ability to do exceptional and innovative things in your niche, market, locality or vertical of your choosing)

Ask yourself THIS: What can you borrow to build? What can you leverage to launch? What other opportunities are there for you to create the APPEARANCE of authority or expertise in your niche, even before you add a single listing?

For example? When I launch something new, I almost ALWAYS use Facebook as the default piece of the content credibility campaign – to establish our own appearance of authority in a brand new niche or market or vertical.

Why? Because people trust Facebook – they’re already ON Facebook (generally speaking) and it’s not a heavy lift to ask them to peek at our page when we invite them to participate and PAY to be featured across our platform.

And because I can PAY for FB advertising – it allows us to cultivate a large community – facilitate lots of public engagement on our content – and APPEAR super authoritative and appealing to our ideal audience – simply by being willing to spend money on FB ads.

This isn’t magic. It’s marketing.

And careful consideration of how best to “wow” or inspire our audience with live examples of our work, in the wild. (and is super effective for giving instant evidence that connecting with YOUR community is a wise investment for your members)

I’m going to be covering a lot more of this in the days and weeks to come – and I recorded a very simple live video of using content curation as a way to add an avalanche of new content to your community….even before you add a single listing. This is HUGELY effective – and ought not be under-estimated. If you’re building a directory, and NOT doing this now, and ONLY focusing on listings……it’s costing you much more than you realize.

2. The brand new affiliate marketing course for digital media brands will be available on October 4th. If you truly want to do something incredibly innovative, inspiring and leap frog your competition, I know of no better way to transform a simple site into an immersive E-commerce ecosystem and marketplace exchange, than incorporating the affiliate marketing strategies I cover in this course. They are both amazingly simple to implement, and yet…..quite advanced in terms of how they will completely transform and transcend anything you’ve previously planned to accomplish on your site.

There is no better way to unlock your entrepreneurial intuitions and imagination than what I’m covering in this course – and I truly believe, if you are ready to get behind yourself and PUSH, these simple strategies, will change your life, and transform your brand. The course details are here – and I’m only going to have a limited amount of spots (due to the personal promise I’m making to each member – which you can read on the course page) – so hope to see you there.

Hope all is well with you – and again, you can watch the very informal, but step by step content curation video, here.


NEW COURSE: An introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Digital Media Brands



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