I’ll probably regret posting this video – simply because i like some of the people i’ve interacted with in the past at Thinkific.com. And I recorded this after a late morning, surprise nap. So i’m a bit more sedate than usual. But no one likes getting “Guru” emails. (unless you are one of those types of people who enjoys dreaming bout buying real estate with no money down, at 3am like me) This email was sent to me by THINKIFIC.com – a course and content delivery platform I’ve recommended to many people over the last 6 months or so on my blog. I know that some people find this harmless (they are using their email list to promote a course by one of their authors) but i find this so incredibly silly, and disingenous, for an actual teaching PLATFORM, to sound like a two bit newbie affiliate marketer, to promote a product that they really OUGHT to be baking into their platform, and sharing for FREE – if in fact, there is something in it that’s going to make their clients COURSES – much better and the student’s user experience, superior as well.


I say that, knowing full well that THEY know – as good as this lovely woman’s course is – it’s not “game changing” an industry (learning completion and comprehension) that has been challenged in the same ways for decades.  If you want your teachers to deliver more sustainable content – and you want your students to actually RETAIN what your teachers taught – then teach it.  Share it.  Build it in to your product.  But don’t tell us someone is “pulling back the curtain” on the attention deficit epidemic running amok in our species – if only, we opt in to her list to find out what it is)

(read Tony Robbins from 25 years ago – and he’ll tell you that people don’t finish what they start when it comes to self help – and that’s not going to change as long as our attention spans are hijacked by more silliness like this – which is in fact – the actual problem 🙂

Of course the other piece is, there is a place for promoting content you like, and recommend on your platform – as that’s something we are trying to do in our community as well – i’m just not sure what the right approach is, to be honest, authentic, transparent and trustworthy – while helping our extended audience discover authors and teachers we like and respect. (i am sure, of course – that this isn’t it – at least it’s not honest and open and transparent enough for me – which means, to my mind – it ought not be to the proprieters of the THINKIFIC platform either)



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