Some of my ideas are really bad.

But I love them anyway.

I churn out bad ideas like donald trump churns out insomina inducing tweets for the rest us.

I think it’s the byproduct of optimistic rumination.

I tend to be enthusiastically optimistic about my place in the cosmos.

And I tend to overthink.

Which I find, is a bad combination.

Because given enough time, I find, I have no problem ruminating my way to thinking every bad idea is a unicorn in waiting.

These rumination sessions, which can last days, weeks or even months, almost always end up with me high fiving Oprah, with an enthusiastic audience, and sullen Steadman looking suspiciously, and enviously on.

I can almost taste the tension.

In reality?

My bad ideas are generally a 6 month time suck wearing a bad disguise.

It’s a hard thing to shut off.

The constant enthusiastic ebb and flow of bad ideas.

But i’m working on it.

And writing it down feels like a good place to begin.



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I am an author, artist and entrepreneur. My 2 passions are writing about, and teaching Marketing and Meditation. I like to think I'm a lot like Eckhart Tolle, if only he was taller, and a much better tennis player. (it turns out in person, he's super short, has a terrible backhand and wears this weird scottish hat thingy that makes it really difficult to concentrate while serving) Plus he refuses to keep score and says " it's always NOW" when you ask who is up. Enough about me. We barely know each other. Stop staring. You're making me nervous.