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Q: What is the easiest way to drive traffic to a new directory or authority site? Should I concentrate on SEO? Should I focus on Google Adwords? What about Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms?

facebook for website traffic
using facebook to drive traffic to your website is one of the absolutely BEST ways to build a directory style business from scratch

A: In my own experience, using Facebook is the absolutely EASIEST way to drive traffic to a new website from scratch…..and this is even far more powerful when it comes to running a web directory, a community or an authority site style business. Why? For a lot of reasons, actually – but in my view, Facebook makes segmentation so silly simple, that anyone who understands their ideal audience can immediately target and deliver hyper relevant, and super engaging ads to folks who will not only engage or interact with the content, but who also, are MUCH more likely to want to “join” your directory or community, pay for a listing, or announce themselves (on your facebook ad or otherwise) that they are a professional peer in your niche, market, industry or vertical.

For example? Think about running an ad that is hyper localized from a geographical perspective, and asks a highly subjective, yet engaging and interactive question about, lets say….the best “Pizza place” in your city/town/province or local community. Not only will you get lots of “public” people interacting and sharing and opining on this sort of content, you’ll get PROFESSIONAL (the pizza places) also getting involved in a myriad of ways – either by having been “taggged” by one of the public people who says, “Hey…..@JOESPIZZA is the best, hands down” (which of course, Joes will share/comment/like/etc) – but you’ll also have lots of pizza places that will visit your directory out of curiosity – see OTHER places already listed (let’s say…..places you’ve seeded or manually added by hand) and they’ll be far more likely to be like – “hey…..what is THIS local site that ranks/rates/reviews local establishments in ABC town/city/province” and why are WE NOT yet included?”

None of this, of course, is rocket science – it’s human nature, and the power of memes and marketing in happy collision with social media. Facebook, in my view, is the absolute BEST way of doing exactly this, and that – even if you have no experience, and a very bootstrap budget to begin.

Again – the cost of your FB ads to do this sort of campaign will be pretty low (let it run for a while, and your costs will go DOWN and your ROI will go up) and ultimately, using a directory style monetization model, you SHOULD in fact, pretty quickly, be able to cover the cost of your ads with premium directory listings (featured or otherwise) and truly, you are limited ONLY by your imagination when it comes to scaling this idea in a number of fun, and creative ways.

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