Step 1. Watch this video.

Step 2. Re-watch this video 🙂

I don’t know why some people “didn’t like” this video. (i also got some pushback, I remember, via email when I posted it)

Whether or not my presentation was off or not – the truth is, this is the absolute EASIEST way to make money selling web services, in your local community – FULL stop. (it’s also the easiest way to make money with a NICHE community as well – as I’m now doing everyday in the mindfulness market, using the exact same approach)

Here it is:

A. Identify blogs, websites, or online “branding” that is empirically, OBJECTIVELY bad.
B. Offer to improve them.
C. If you own an authority site, a directory, a web community or a high visibility blog in your niche, marketplace or local geographical area, obviously this makes the above even EASIER. (but it’s pretty easy as it is)

Again – if you see a restaurant that has a MENU for a webpage, and that menu is a big ole pixelated .JPG, you can be pretty confident that you can OBJECTIVELY improve their home page, or their entire website, by dint of just giving them something better than a .JPG for a home page!

And, like I demonstrate in the video above, if you see a web development company in the Ukraine – who is selling templates to a US based audience, and is struggling with wording their offers in a coherent way, you can OBJECTIVELY offer them content or copy writing services that are better than what they have right now. (much the way if I were writing copy for a Ukrainian audience, it’s fair to say, a Ukrainian copywriter would be the very FIRST professional I’d seek out if sales were a priority 🙂

I call this approach, the Strategy of Straight lines – “Set Up’s” (after the great Jay Abraham, a true marketing genius who was doing this 30 years ago) – or even, smart, brute force “guerrilla marketing” – as it’s going out into the wild, finding good businesses who need what you know, and simply offering it to them in a way where everyone wins.

I do this stuff all the time as well – it’s not that I just recommend it – I actively look for people I can connect with, partner with and empirically HELP by virtue of my own strengths – and build relationships that are mutually beneficial as a result.

So start here.

Do the MAD lib exercise I recommended yesterday:

“People in my industry SUCK at X – but if they only knew/have/learned Y like me, they’d have all the Z they’ll ever need”

Then – go out and search people in your niche who need all that Z – and start reaching out. That simple. You WILL make sales and build relationships and change your business….starting the moment you start, I promise.



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