Crash Cash Creation Q & A: Marketing, Meditation and Momentum


It seems by the emails I’ve gotten since writing this blog, and most specifically since starting the “Crash Cash Creation Q and A” and coaching, that the biggest problem MOST people have is simply getting started.

Moving away from learning mode….and diving into doing it instead.

In my view, probably the biggest enemy of achievement of success online ( and in many areas of life – but MOST specifically in fields where is thick veil of mystery, intrigue and folks who have “cracked the code” offering their insights for a fee) is the notion that you’ve got to learn it all before you begin.

The aim, aim, aim, aim, ready, ready, ready.……..approach to success. That NOT having that little piece of information, or that elusive ingredient to success, is the thing that’s holding you back from getting where you want to be, and what’s propelled that guy whose e -books you’ve been buying to where he is.

Want to know the truth?

The biggest key to succeeding with online marketing is simply being brave enough to get down on the ground and get your face muddy enough times that you’ll eventually stumble into success.

I’ve been working in direct response marketing and consulting, in one form or another, for 15 years, I’ve owned a successful telemarketing company at 22, done tons of direct mail and was playing around with Internet marketing when Al Gore was first dreaming it up.

And guess what?

My first articles were terrible. My blogs looked like shit. My pay per click ads all lost money. ( most of them still do..:-)

My resource boxes got no clicks. My articles were like 2000 words long and took me a week and a half to write, and were truly embarrassingly bad, especially considering one of the very few skills I have in this world is I’m a pretty good communicator by nature.

(I’m also an excellent tennis player, and once drank a bottle of mad dog out of a beer funnel in college, which unfortunately, is the most enduring intellectual legacy my college years left behind)

The key is, and I’m going to sound trite and cliché, but it’s true…..take baby steps.

The magic is in the momentum.

Conceptualize, strategize and plan out where you want to go, and then apply simple systems that will take you there as elegantly, and expeditiously as you can.

Don’t be afraid when it doesn’t work out exactly as you planned it, but be brave enough to trust in your vision to ultimately see it through.

( before you start a whole new path, chart a whole new course, and buy a whole new round of BS from some other “guru” offering to show you the light on the other side of the mountain)

I want to share with you an insight into my own experience that is sort of a metaphor for the above, and has been incredibly profound in my own life ( and work).

I’ve been really interested in meditation for the last 5 years or so. I’ve read books on the benefits of mediation, the life changing, tranformative effects mediation has on your health, on your wealth, on your joy, happiness and daily outlook.

I’ve studied Vipassana meditation, Kaballistic meditation, Big Mind, Christ Consciousness, Zen, and just about every odd and esoteric variation of this ancient art ( and science) that I could get my hands on.

It excited me…and filled me with a constant and never ending sense of hope and happiness about what my world would look like once I became a master.

But guess what…………..

I never actually meditated.

I just kept reading, and learning, and reading and learning until I usually forgot completely what I had read the month before, and was never any closer to becoming happier, or more grounded, or more joyful……simply because the books couldn’t give me that.

Maybe they could point the way, or shine a bright light on the proper path to get there, but the MAP and the territory are rarely the same thing.

Want to know what is?

Sitting my ass down, and meditating clumsily for the very first time, without a book in my hand, or a “guru” in my ear trying to lay down the framework for what I needed to succeed.

In truth, the spiritual guru is not much different the marketing one.

They only endeavor to point out something that you probably already know – and that’s something you need to dig out of yourself, not from them.

In the end? I now meditate everyday, and while I’m still grumpy, impatient and occasionally temperamental, I finally understand what the fuss was all about, and am much closer to the “light” than 5 years worth of reading could ever offer.

I’m making progress with my practice, and rather than trying to piggyback off the passion of other people, I finally have my own (occasional) amazing insights of TRUE authenticity, that doesn’t need to be borrowed from a book, or grifted off of a guru to believe they are possible for MY life too.

You can use other people for inspiration, but ultimately, true progress ( or profit) only comes from personal experience, and being willing to throw it all up against the wall, and catch what sticks long enough to grab.

With that said, if you’ve been afraid of creating your first list – simply stop being a sissy and do it. If you’re planning on buying that next home study course to make your first million – forget, it’s not going to happen.

If you haven’t written your first headline, crafted your first piece of copy, left your first blog comment or just about any other “haven’t” on the Internet marketing totem pole of things you PLAN on doing, but just haven’t learned enough to do well just yet, it’s time to pull up your pants and get off of the pot.

The simple truth is every little action you take creates a sense of passion, and purpose, and BRAVERY, and ultimately the belief that you are entitled to succeed, and that’s 9 10ths of the battle.

(or maybe 6 9ths or 4 6ths – but it’s pretty damn close for sure 🙂



  1. That’s amazing. Thanks so much for your advice. I’m not really in the place to do PPC right now but I’m looking into it and learning more . I want to maximize my article writing efforts – it’s fun and a lot easier for me now. (this may be all the NLP studying I’ve been doing though – you read it enough and you start to persuade yourself into believing the craziest things)

    1. Good..:-) If you enjoy it – go for it! ( if you stick with it – article marketing is a great strategy – and you can build your whole business around it for sure – just know that you’ll hit some “slow” spots and just keep plowing ahead..:-)

  2. Oh and I have another question for you if you don’t mind. When you say type articles until your fingers bleed, how many would you say it takes to do that? haha.

    But seriously- what’s a good benchmark for amount of articles to submit? I’d love to be at your level one day so I’d love a goal to shoot for.

    1. Hi Jay – it really depends on your goals – i.e. – if you are list building ( which is appears you are – and that’s the best strategy for sure) you just want to set goals that are time related – i.e. – in your niche, you may find that there are some good “holes” in PPC for example that are worth exploiting, rather than simply spending your day writing articles, which is obviously very time consuming – especially considering you still need to “fufill” and monetize your offer. For example – I’m playing with a niche market with someone in my family – that article marketing was generating about 25 new leads per day on their effort- yet – PPC for the same offer – is generating 100 + leads- without any thought, time investment or attention…and the keywords are dirty cheap and the whole system, from opt in forward, runs on autopilot. Hence – more time can be invested in the sequence – and improving conversions, the offer, blog building, etc.

      I spend most of my time trying to look at the broad view stuff these days – i.e. – using automation tools for blog building, managing my own network of stuff, etc – that re-purposes content I’ve already created along with a whole host of other things and are a bit more strategies of scale – but overall – I’ve written and submitted several thousand articles to EZA of my own – and have participated/supervised/outsourced many thousand more – so LOTS of articles, in lots of markets, and lots of bloody fingers to boot..:-)

  3. Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for everything that you’ve done. You totally got me started. I took an idea I had, implemented all the stuff I learned, and actually built a small list in less than 24 hours.

    But I guess it helps that I’ve made every mistake in the book and came out on the other end stronger. The biggest thing is that mistakes WILL happen and you have to be strong and adapt to them.

    It’s trying and it hurts sometimes but it’s the truth.

  4. Hi Ian
    Thanks for including me on your email list (please note my change of email address) as I really enjoy the information you put out. I get more out of it than many other sources of information. I’m pleased to say that, at last, I think I’ve found my direction, have developed goals, a work schedule and real focus. But, as they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. Finally, please keep the info coming.
    Best regards

    1. No problem, Russell – but – if for some odd reason your email address has changed, please re-sign up for the list – as I don’t manually check those when you change addresses. Glad to help and hope you hit your goals!

  5. Ian,
    I have read almost everything you have produced and love it. I am a 63 year old beautiful woman who has taught school, been in advertising, owned my own floral shop, and I love sailing.
    I am starting a new adventure in my life, learning about article marketing and I am still learning, but your humor and your passion for aritcle marketing has kept me going to learn more.
    Do you have any particilar advice or some of your articles that are better than others to help aid me to become as successful as you are??

    What would you suggest for someone like me starting out and from scratch want to move up to the piece of the gold brick!!!!

    Even though I am married, I think you’re so good looking. That’s a compliment.

    Keep the info. coming and do not lose my email address because I intend to make money like you, so give some good solid pointers.


    1. Thank you Bonita, that’s nice of you to say!

      Best advice is to find something ( or a topic) that you are passionate about and stick to that above all else ( advice I unfortunately rarely follow myself) and create good systems around that – i.e. – build a list, build a good site, provide helpful information, and let it your success unfold from that organically – rather than trying to hustle every day for easy money. ( most article marketers do this – and ultimately – it becomes heavy lifting and hard to keep up)

      I have some stuff coming that I think will be helpful to your “best place to start” question – I just have to finish it up and unfortunately, this blog and the IM related stuff is last on the list for priorities. ( even though I enjoy it the most!)

  6. As always your words are just what many of us starters need to undedrstand. Every day we get emails from all the great offers and deals you need to make millions. I read your post and I understand what your saying better than most .
    I to work with meditation but I became a Hypnotherapist as I can now work with self hypnosis and tell my mind what I want it to do . This way I am the master of my mind not some one else.

    I plan my game plan and tell my self to do it , I see the images and I see my self doing what I need to do . It then seems each day gos by and I work hard on each image I saw. I belive if you imbed the images in your mind they will happen in your life .
    If you want to be a great online marketer then imagen each step you need to get there and each day do each step and life will create your game plan for you .
    Self hypnosis works very well , even better than meditation alone .
    Give it a try !! SAY ” I’m getting better every day in every way ” 10 times X 4 times a day With your eyes closed

  7. Dear Ian, reading your posts really makes me feel good about what I’m trying to do. Trying to start up as an internet marketer is like being on a roller coaster: One day I feel so convinced that this is the way to go, and that I will succeed; the next day I feel anxious and hesitant, is this really something I can do?

    I’ve actually only been on this for a month and a half, before February I didn’t even know internet marketing was something you could do. However, for a long time I’ve looked for something I can do from home for a living, and yes, I YEARN for money, for all the good things in life it can bring to me and my daughter, AND for all the good things I can do WITH it, like supporting SOS villages more than I am able to at the moment.

    I have already read at least 5 e-books on IM, and I too have the “shiny-things syndrome”, but now have decided to stop reading ANYTHING, and unsubscribe to all newsletters (except yours 🙂 ), and get to WORK!

    I won’t read your little e-book either, at least not for some time 🙂

    Thanks for your generous heart and mind, it feels so reassuring in this world full of greed and gurus.

    Bye for now, Katrin (from Sweden, hoping my English is good enough for internet marketing)

  8. Hi Ian

    So much of what you say mirrors my experience (and I’m sure that of others who’ve read this post).

    I love to study and it’s easy to think that when you’re studying, you’re making progress (and in a roundabout kind of way you are).

    But all that studying is a way of pushing down the fear of getting started, of shutting off all the voices that scream a thousand “What ifs”…

    * What if you’ve chosen the wrong niche… ?
    * What if the new client you’re approaching about a new copywriting assignment turns you down… ?
    * What if… ?
    * What if… ?
    * What if… ?

    And 5 years later the inner voice still says “What if… ?”

    What if I’d switched that darn inner voice off 5 years ago and just jumped into the deep end then? How much further into the journey and closer to success I’d be now?

    So, yes, thanks for your words of wisdom.

    I’m really trying to do what you say.

    All the best,


  9. Ian,
    You are dead on with this post my friend. I am living proof tht all the reading and studying in the world won’t make you a penny…:-)

    Great post and a great reminder that we have to just do it. It may not be perfect at first but the only way to get good is by doing what you’re not yet good at.


  10. Ian, great post.

    I was paralysed for about 2 years and have finally got off my arse and started doing something. It feels great to be actually doing something and informing others of my progress. I always dreamt of being rich but the later I actually started down the path the later I was going to arrive at my ultimate goal. This is what undoubtedly spurred me into action.

    Have a good day.

  11. I haven’t even finished reading the post but wanted to say you are ten times cooler than I ever imagined. You’re a real guy who has had some awesome success and I really admire that. Whenever I read your stuff, it’s like discovering someone who actually GETS this stuff. I hope to associate with you more in the future and see all the awesome stuff you accomplish.

  12. Ian,

    Your revelation is one that I’ve just recently discovered.
    I personally have put off creating my own little spot on the web in terms of an affiliate journal blog for 2 yrs.

    For two years I was afraid to create a WordPress blog because it seemed too complicated. Just too many moving parts or so I thought.

    Thanks to the economy and the very real realization that if I didn’t get in and work through my fear of starting a wordpress blog, a much newer wave of technology would be upon me which might totally be beyond my reach to understand.

    I agree wholeheartedly that everyone should get over their fear, stop reading , start a project and actually see their project through for at least 45 days straight.

    Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions of others online when they appear to have the answers to your questions. I have found people are very friendly and willing to help in most situations.

  13. thanks ian, i look forward to the article…i haven’t gotten back to you before but i DO read your emails and am gleening good stuff from what you write…i am right at the beginning of creating some thinks for my future solvency…besides my website, i have just started a blog…
    two actually,
    and am helping to craft a fledgling social network,
    so i thank you so much for giving me your guidance and experience. it is truly helpful….Barry

  14. This is so true – I have read and read and now it is time to try out my wings and take that first baby step – which I am doing today. I will let you know how it goes. I too have a hard time writing the articles – I get too technical. I need to start being “friendlier”. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks Venus

  15. Hi Ian:I have subscribe to about 6 or 7 e-mail lists which keep sending me stuff about internet marketing everyday.They all seem to say the same thing,just worded differently and I am afraid to start any one program for fear it will cost me a bunch of money and I won’t make anything.I purchased Maverick Money Makers and then cancelled.I purchased Acme People Search and then cancelled.Probably didn’t stay with either long enough to make money.I have joined several companies and try to promote their product with affilate links and still no sales.I need to find one GOOD one and stick with it I think.Here is what I am currently looking into
    1)Copy N Profit
    2)Niche Profit Classroom
    3)PPC Classroom
    4)Under Ground Cash Secrets
    Not necessarily in that order,I believe I need a website,then build a list and go from there,is that true ?and do you have any recommdations on the above.

    1. Hi Robert – I’m actually unfamiliar with many of those programs – I genuine don’t pay attention for the most part to stuff being sold in the IM space – so I’m the wrong person to ask. ( PPC classroom I’m familiar with)

      To be honest with you, if you’re just getting started, I would read free blogs ( like this one I humbly submit) and see what makes the most sense for your skill set – and then pick a path to profit. ( PPC is not, in my view, the best way to go if you’re still slogging through putting up your first site, etc – you’d be playing PPC arbitrage – which sounds much better in theory, than execution – for 98% of people who try it)

      I have some more free stuff coming that I think you’ll find helpful – especially if you’re just getting started – and need some ideas to make your first money online.

  16. Hi Ian.
    For me, trying to make it online has been like going to college. Except in this “college”, you’re trying to get a degree without knowing where your “classes” are located, which “professors” to choose, which “classes” to take, and, worst of all, you basically can’t ask any questions. All you know is that you want a “degree.”It is a silent, anonymous world, where people can “hide” behind computers and not be vulnerable or accountable. It is so interesting to me that when I have had the chance to meet Internet marketers in person, they are somewhat different than I expect.

    When all is said and done, the only people who succeed online, have done so because they had no other choice. It is the very opposite of the old adage,(actually, Woody Allen said this)”80% of success is just showing up.”

  17. Sorry – don’t have a websight good enough for you to even laugh at lol !!

    I like your honesty in saying your blogs look like shit – my stuff isn’t too much better – still new !!! I have been through the getting scammed part- now studying to be a real entrepreneur ha ha , but making some progress and moving forward. I got laid off of my job 2 weeks ago so on the computer alot lately. Still not quite sure how to start my articles off yet so people will go down to the buy this part yet but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP !!

    Thanks for keeping in touch

    1. Hi Deb – I meant my blogs USED to look like shit ( when I first got started) but thanks for the vote of confidence..;-) Check out the article marketing templates post – that should hopefully help you get started with your articles. ( I’ll be working on making my blog look better, now..:-)

  18. Ian,
    I tried to get your book but had a typo in my email address and didn’t notice it until it was too late. If you could fix it up it would be much appreciated.

  19. Oh boy do I recognize some of that in me – especially the bit about reading every meditation book around, but never really getting down to meditating. AND I am sorry to say I am the same with IM read all the ebooks, watch all the videos, set up pretty blogs etc etc. BUT never really do what it takes to start making some money. The “list” is the most elusive of all.

    1. Hi Janet – right – that is very common – and invariably – has the same sad and unfortunate end ( you know alot of stuff – but you’ll never get the authentic “a-ha” moment until you make it work – or not – through your own grace or grit)

      The list by the way – is the “secret” if there is one..:-)

  20. Thanks Lana – I agree – and liked your post as well!

    Don’t worry, Robert – I know people who teach PPC who lose more than 4x what they make in sales..;-)

    Glad to be of help, Tony!

  21. Thanks, great post! A lot of people are stuck because of inertia, the longer you stand still, the harder it is to start moving.
    I was the same with meditation. What I do now is I start 30 day experiments where I commit to doing what I’ve been putting off for a long time for 30 straight days.
    It is usually much easier to get started when you think you are going to do something for 30 days only. Tricks your mind and helps you start moving and taking action right away. After 30 days it usually becomes a habit, so you are not likely to go back. I wrote a post about my 30 day experiments here

  22. Hey that’s sound great . I have been in a give it all to you program and it’s been follow the leader and I could not get in the lead. I’ve been in the sea of mud green but it was my green flowing away! I am all ears or eye’s can’t wait.

  23. Another great post, Ian. Keep em coming.

    Your post is appropriate in my case. I have spent so much time lately reading, buying ebooks, buying software, etc. Finally, I realized I was reading the same stuff over and over. It was time to take action!

    Not that I havn’t done anything to this point. I tried PPC which cost me about 3 times more than I got in sales. I hate writing articles so I outsourced articles on a number of occasions but have had little success.

    Today, I decided to quit doing all of this reading and wrote an article and submitted it. It’s great to do something!

  24. Nice post. I think you’re dead on because I can see myself doing the exact same thing over the last couple of years.

    However my problem now is ramping up what little I’m doing now.

    I look forward to your offering and will be watching my inbox. Kudos to you my friend.

    Scott H.

  25. I agree with you 100%. One has to take a step towards you goal no matter what it is. I have the problem and I am trying to get started but one thing or another just seems to be getting in my way.

    Thanks for your inspiration. I will succeed and when I do you won’t be able to stop me.

    Look forward to hearing from you again.

  26. Thanks Ian,
    I’m finding your words – and style – very encouraging!
    I’ll look forward to receiving the blog post/ebook for more of the same, and will be happy to provide feedback.

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