450 thousand books sold.  (or so)

Over many years.

Joe was pretty impressed.

Chris, was not.


The money from most of those books – ended up in hands other than the authors.

Chris Ryan, the author of “Sex at Dawn” and other international best-sellers, was casually telling Joe Rogan how much he’s earned from his books a few days ago.

A quick, loose interpretation overview of the traditional publishing platform landscape.

8.25% (author cut)

15% of that 8.25% (agents cut)

33% of the 8.25% less the 15% agents cut (governments cut)

IF you carry the 1 and do the heavy math, that’s a lot of books – and very few bucks.

This is where the traditional marketing model for authors, arstists, teachers, speakers, makers, marketers WAS so damn broken.

The good news?

It no longer is.

Today – if you’re smart, strategic and self motivated, you control what you create.

The exact math is difficult to nail down – but no doubt, it’s 100% true to say the script has been flipped.  (no pun intended 🙂

And you can build it, write it, sell it and crush it – all without giving the profits away.  (other than the government piece.  That ain’t changing any time soon 🙂

This applies to much more than books, obviously.

In today’s world, if you truly have a marketing message you’d love to get out to the masses – or a business you’d love to build, or a community you’d love to create – you truly need a platform.

We, as creators – makers, marketers, innovators and thinkers – now control our content.

And your ability to build something big, beautiful, magical and meaningful, no longer relies on the approval of anyone else.

This is exactly what I am doing to launch our new community  – creating copious amounts of fun, engaging, inspiring, entertaining and informative content, courses, classes, contests, challenges, conversation – all in service of growing our platform.

We have 2 super low cost books coming out on Amazon in the next 7 days.  Both of which – if things go as planned, will drive large amounts of potential clients to our new community.  (by dint of using links in the books – and some other innovative approaches I’ll share next week)

Control what you create.

The truth is, writing books to SELL books as a path to perpetual piles of profit is a pipe dream for 99.9% of us – very few books, self published or not – will ever earn nearly enough to retire.

But that really ought not be the point.

Using your content to cultivate your community – and books to build your platform, to sell your services, to introduce your ideas, your extend your influence, to create a community of clients, fans, friends, followers and evangelists for your brand, books and business…..THAT is something all of us can do.

One last thought I have to share……as the common thread from many of my own readers, over many years is always this:  Next week I’ll do X.  Next month, I’m going to do Y.  Next year, when THIS happens, or that goes my way, or this falls just so – THEN, i’m going to set the world on fire.

In the hyper competitive entrepreneurial “idea-sphere”, that never works.

Because for folks who are driven to win – to contribute – create – build, emote or express something special – there is no better day, than today.

And no other moment, other than now.

If you have a dream – don’t put it off another moment.

No excuses.  Life is short. If you want to come alive – just dive in, and begin.


PS – I’d love to hear what you’re working on!  Either reply to this, or give me a call by phone – always happy to help!



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