Contests, challenges and giveaways are a great way to attract eyeballs to your offer, engage an audience, and invest that audience with a sense of passion, purpose and a skin in the game sense of commitment to your content, your community….and your cause.

I’ve been involved with a few different fun contest oriented content marketing campaigns in the past, and while it’s not my expertise, a few weeks ago we decided to run a self publishing contest in April BODHISATTVA, a private community of enlightened entrepreneurs, and aspiring authors, who want to wake up the world with our words…and work.

It occurred to me, as we were discussing some of the various platforms available to run a contest, that I had purchased a lifetime license to, when it launched on Producthunt, sometime last year.

So when I revisited my account…..i was not only pleasantly surprised to see they had a brand new tool (Content Upgrades) BUT, that they were also adding yet another cool tool, a viral marketing leaderboard platform as well. (which really takes the idea of audience engagement with your content and contests, to a whole new level)

That literally launched today….and i haven’t really played with it, other than to note that it looks uber cool.

One thing that I have been playing with since checking back in with Vyper last month?

Their content upgrade tool, which i’ve incorporated into a few posts over the last week and a half (I have a terrible concept of time – and always seem to miss the mark when it comes to what week I did what – or what year I tried what – which I’m starting to think may be related to a dementia inducing Trump Steak I accidentally ate at an Arby’s in 2014)

Content upgrades, and I hate all internet marketing euphamisms – just refers to the process of incorporating a very specific or hyper relevant piece of extra or added content – that endeavors to induce, entice or encourage folks to opt in to your list – to get access to something that extends or increases their understanding of the concept being covered in THAT specific post – and by dint of extension – are now hyper segmented/targeted for THAT specific interest, when you follow up with them later.

Check out the video where I walk through this process on something I’ve added to my own blog over the last few weeks, JUST for folks reading the directory/authority site marketing guides.

And for those of you looking to write your first book, or publish your first course this Spring? ¬†Look for an email next week about the contest we’ll be launching on BODHISATTVA as well -it’s going to be an amazing opportunity to get published (and promoted) on our platform for free.



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