Here is a really quick update I promised about our test content curation project.  This is an old site that I committed to resurrect per a case study on doing content curation the “RIGHT” way – which in my view, means finding – and then clipping and collecting – cool, creative, compelling content in your niche.

It also means adding some quick unique parenthetical perspective on what you are reading and sharing – and then linking to the original source.

There is a bit of a strange mix of art and science to this in my experience, but it’s a totally felt sense – once you start curating content naturally (no special tools, other than some browser extensions) it becomes focused, flexible and a lot of fun.

NOTE:  In the previous post I made about this a few weeks ago, I’m sharing this project with a small group of folks who are using a very powerful, proprietary piece of tech a good friend of mine created for his own 7 figure content marketing business – that tool isn’t for sale to the public – and I’m NOT using any fancy tech here – this is just finding interesting content, curating it in a very specific step wise fashion, trying to emulate what I intuitively think are best practices (“Google likes sites that like other sites that Google likes”) and trying to spend 20 or 30 minutes every few days updating the site accordingly.

If you haven’t read that post – it’s probably best to start there and come back to this one.

All of that is to say, after just a few weeks (Today is June 1 and this screenshot is from yesterday – May 31) this site is now doing over 2k visits a day in a very competitive and expensive niche – with something like 1900 (see screenshot) of these visits coming from Google.

This is about a 50% jump over 2 weeks ago when I posted the first details on this “challenge” – and THAT was a huge upward move on a completely (previously) dormant and stale site getting just about NO traffic at all.

So this stuff works – and it will work for you – and it’s a ton of fun as well, especially if you have some passion for the niche, as in my view, you always should with whatever you build.

If this growth holds, and of course…it may not – but if it does, to grow this site to a 75K-100K a month traffic threshold – in just a few months – and just a few minutes a week – would make this content, and community very valuable as an asset, in a cacaphony of creative ways.  (ad networks, list building, lead generation, selling or renting the site,  etc)

So this is your challenge.

Find a topic you like – and follow my Google likes sites that like other sites Google likes model.

Just clip and snip content,  using whatever tool or tech you prefer -liberally link to your niche neighbors.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to get a specific outcome.  Just do it because you like it.  and then periodically check in and see how the site grows.

Give yourself 30 days.  Build something.  Do something you love and that makes you feel connected to content – and communities that are aligned with your ideas and ethos.

If I can help – or you want to work with me and a small team of folks who are committed to creating content that converts – get in touch.




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