Content Curation Demo Video (Plus The Art of Overwhelming Offers)

Hey all 🙂

Week 5 Content is Available in Your Members area!

1.  A 15 minute audio overview of using Content Curation for Traffic Generation & Building the Apperance of “Authority”….this is specifically relevant for new communities, new directories and sites where traffic (or content) is low

2.  A video demonstration on exactly how I do this on a live site

3.  A 15 minute audio on the “art” of overwhelming offers.  This is something that several of you have asked about in the last 4 or 5 days – how to create an “overwhelming” digital media brand offer to get folks to sign up for your platform.  This is obviously quite a subjective thing and contingent upon your own niche, industry, locality or topic – but there are some universal truths about human psychology that come into play here – and this is often the easier door to use when appealing to the “irresistible” element of your audiences “FOMO” factor (fear of missing out) – while truly providing world class value.

It’s all in the Week 5 section – and you can download, listen and watch at your leisure!





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