Collecting Underpants is only Phase 1 (or why you should never go into business with a gnome)

A South Park Business Plan

phase 1 – collect underpants
phase 2 – ?????
phase 3 – PROFIT!

Phase one is easy – especially if you live in a neighborhood with an abundance of outdoor clothes lines , and have lots of free time like me.

But actually turning old underpants into profit – that’s the tricky part for all of us.

I have spent much of my professional life collecting underpants. I have wasted many precious and productive years collecting underpants. I have ruined relationships – fractured partnerships – and blown up otherwise perpetually profitable businesseses due to my reluctance to disconinue collecting underpants – and my forever fascination with finding new underpants to collect.

Today – 90% of the businesses I interact with are in the underpants collecting business. They may have big, bold and ambitous ideas, but underneath the auspicious ideas – it’s fruit of the loom all the way down.

There is a great short book by Jim Collins called – “the flywheel” – (famous for his “Good to Great” ginormous bestseller in 1981) he talks about the various pieces and parts of building something viable – valuable – and with enduring worth – both for yourself – and for your clients and community.

This ain’t rocket science. It’s actually supremely simple.

you need.

  1. passion
  2. be the best at something
  3. An economic engine

I also really love his idea about being ENCODED with something – vs being “good” at something. There are many people who are “good” at one thing or another – and who have passion for their work. But more deeply – we’re all encoded with certain skills – traits – natural gifts if you will – that when we allow them to arise and emerge – this is when we step up, stand out and truly begin to shine.

You can call that divine providence, dharma, good genes, purpose or luck, but we all know, deep in our blood and bones, it’s true. You are really good at stuff I could never do. And so too, is the reverse true – from me, to you.

But without the economic engine – take it from me – it’s all underpants collection. If you’re trying to build something great – something special – something local – something international – some sort of side hustle – it matters, not – if you want to succeed – you need something to sell.

Don’t treat it as an afterthought. LEAD with that. That’s the piece that’s going to make all of the rest even possible. If you don’t START with something to sell – you’ll never sell much of anything, I promise.

Take it from the South Park gnomes 🙂

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