Q:  Does article marketing still work in 2012? 

In an ever crowded and competitive online landscape…..what are the best ways to get as much of the article audience that’s still up for grabs? 

And what in the world is a microfiche? 

(and why did my annoying auto-correct stick it into this article 3 times without me noticing? 🙂

A:  Here is a short article I submitted earlier today that sort of encapsulates what I believe are the key components behind successfully creating syndicated content that STILL converts like crazy in 2012….and should continue to to perform well in 2013 and beyond to boot.

The truth is, I’d be lying to tell you that some of the changes in the article marketing universe haven’t changed how easy it is to generate an avalanche of eyeballs to your site, service or offer….simply by being willing to create lots and lots of content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

I used to be able to go into some markets….and quite literally, generate 100 thousand visitors to a new site, or service or affiliate offer in a month or two…..simply by being willing to create (or outsource) a whole hodge podge of new content….submit it to the top 3 directories, and watch the analytics light up.

It really ISN’T that easy anymore….simply because the search engines HAVE discounted a lot of article directory content, and it’s much tougher to get good natural, enduring search traffic from articles.  (it CAN be done…and is done everyday….it just takes a little bit more work than it used to, and is a little bit less reliable than it once was)

The GOOD news?  There are lots of advantages, improvements and benefits to creating syndicated content in 2012….that didn’t exist, even a few years ago in it’s page 1 piggyback hey (and pay) day.

The viral nature of the web is so much different….and the social shares are SO much more powerful, that you can make up a lot of room, simply by creating community oriented content that gets shared much more often.

(most notably, on Facebook, which can offer a whole secondary and residual recycling of your article traffic, even when it drops off the most recent submissions list)

With that in mind – I want to share 2 simple things that really DO still work really, really well in 2012…..for getting a competitive advantage in your niche or market, and will continue to work as long as human beings are competing for……and consuming content as we currently do)

The 2 big secrets are you’ve GOT to look for COMPETITIVE niches with lots of volume (whether you are building sites to sell like my online agency “community” is doing) or creating content to build your community…..AND you’ve got to create “titallating” titles that step UP and stand out in the sea of sameness and similiarity where everyone else swims.

It’s really that simple – and it DOES work wonderfully well – BIG niches – and BOLD promises/protections in your titles – you WILL get an interested audience to take a look.

BTW – a microfiche I think is one of those film negatives you get at the library when you want to look at something old.
Or, maybe it’s something that the CIA used to use in the early 80’s to keep records.

I know I’ve seen it a movie recently with Gene Hackman.

I can’t remember if he was a librarian…..or CIA agent.  (he’s been both)

If you’re writing articles for a living…….check out the full post on EZA at the link below 🙂

Filed Under: How to Exponentially Increase Your Audience in 3 Simple Steps1 – You MUST Titillate with your titles. Offer a BIG promise, or a BIG protection. Use numbers and specificity. For example, in weight loss niches, using an exact amount of weight (say 12 pounds) in an exact amount of time (say 11 days) will ALWAYS double or triple your audience relative to generic “lose weight fast” style words.Be honest – but wherever you can, use SPECIFICITY to sell your audience on opening your article.

Filed Under: Pick BIG niches. The bigger the market, the bigger your potential audience will be.Trust me, you do NOT want to work in small little microfiches where you own all of the eyeballs in the market. You want LOTS of content… and lots of competition, because you only need a small percentage of many millions of readers to make major momentum. (rather than getting 50% of a micro niche, which will never make you rich)

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