Brand Vs Mission?

What is the difference?  Is there a difference?  If so……how so?

Someone forwarded me an interview with poet Cleo Wade (on GoodLifeProject, Here) where she waxes poetic (no pun intended 🙂 about the differences in being brand focused, vs mission focused.

I think her wise words are well worth pondering – how much attention do we all put on the idea of our brands – and what does branding, at bottom, really do?  Is it the fine art of selling subtly – of persuading, prodding, preening or pretending to represent something that we *hope* our audience wants to emulate?

That may be a cynical approach of course, but I see that idea in much of my own casual thinking about branding – how can I create and then project an “image” of something that others may want to buy.

Mission oriented marketing feels much more evangelical – and more about serving and sharing and digging deeper into the underlying drivers that makes your ambitious aims worthwhile.

A mission seems denuded of the pretense and embarrassing airs that so many of us find ourselves foisting on others in the service of persuasion.   A mission feels good and right and transcendent in some important service oriented way – whereas a brand, at bottom, feels always about the benjamins.

Worth thinking about, anyway, as I find myself throwing around the “B” word quite a bit these days.  It’s a subtle difference in choice of words, and many conflate the 2 – but with some wisdom and insight applied, feels like a mighty big distinction indeed.




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