Outline of process: NOTE: This works for content marketers, authors, course creators as well as Authority Site Marketers _+ Dirctory builders) For example – when sending out your “seed” invite, use the “WIN” as the reason why they ought to respond to you. (articulate exactly what they’ll get from saying “yes” to the offer” This is your win – and this is THEIR motivating reason to respond.

Begin with the win: write it out and start backward (YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE A KILLER CAKE AND YOU HAVE ALL THE EXACT INGREDIENTS TO DO IT)
challenge: write out one win.
why: you’ll never forget why people are reading your book, what you are giving them, how you help them succeed and why they ought to buy your next one
tip: get super specific
warning: don’t write lots of win – avoid the urge to overwhelm
cant’ find a win? Don’t write the book! (or build the community) Go back to your master outline (content cornerstone and uncover the win)
you know how to bake a delicious ciniman cake and have the exact ingredients

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