Everyone knows giving up your content, courses and community to the MAN, is a bad idea.

For the purpose of this really bad argument, in this post….UDEMY is going to be our metaphor for “the MAN.”

Please note: I have no experience with Udemy, so it’s possible they are really nice, good and decent human beings.

But I doubt it.

Because the man never is.

Which is why, in this article, we are going to look at 8 other platforms you can use to sell your content, while controlling what you create and build BUZZ for your own brand, blog and business to boot….without those ugly UDEMY sticky fingers caressing the inside of your pockets for their creepy cut of your creativity.

In all seriousness, while not having much experience with UDEMY myself, tons of folks in various private forums I participate in do and have, (most notably the private FB forum for the Teachable instructor community) and bad experiences abound. It’s also important to point out that other than leveraging the inherent eyeballs you inherit from a large captive community like UDEMY, there really is no reason, in 2017, to be using that sort of platform to sell your courses….as you can do the same thing, with very few tech challenges (content protection, payment processing, student onboarding, etc) with pretty much most of the tools and tech below.

This short clip is part of a longer video I recorded, and covers the 2 LEAST usual suspects for course creation – Mightynetworks.com (which is certainly NOT a course delivery platform, but has some new features which make this very appealing to me) and EVENTBRITE, which I’ve never thought of for course delivery, yet…..there are a few really popular ones that do, most notably TinyHabits.Com, which makes it interesting to me.

The other platforms are:



Sensei (a woo commerce extension for LMS)

And the two mentioned above. (mightynetworks and eventbrite)

If you are a solopreneur (I can’t ever spell that word and i’m not going to even try to correct it this time) – I recommend WITHCOACH.com above the rest, as they have the best combination of features, design, great UI and UX, built in email automation tools that are superior to their direct analogs (teachable/thinkific) and their customer service is top notch. (Spencer at withcoach.com is super accessible, and in the emails we’ve exchanged over the last 8 or 9 months or so – a really likeable human – which is important, too)

Any questions? Feel free to ask – you can check out a short video I did of Withcoach.com last week as well here.



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