I heard a really good quote today, that dovetails nicely with  some of what we’ve been talking about here.

“Aim for the highest happiness, and all of the lesser happinesses come along for the ride”

(Joseph Goldstein, the meditation teacher said this…and he was quoting one of his original meditation teachers many years ago)

In some ways, this is a direct analog to the UX exercise we talked about last week:

“How to create 11 star experiences for your clients, users and customers.”

If you haven’t heard the Reid Hoffman podcast on this with one of the founders of AIRBNB, you really ought to listen.

It matters not whether you are talking about marketing, or meditation.

When you aim for the highest happiness, either your own, or that of your audience, all of the others come along.

Even if you fall way short, as most of us usually do, simply knowing there is the experience of “more” – more connection, more contribution, more caring, more to share, do and become, you really can’t help but go farther than you ever thought possible.







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