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Yelp for WordPress?

Is it possible to really develop a YELP like site on WP? If so….what is the best theme/framework or option for doing that?

I got to say, as of today (you can tell I’m going to be rhyming here where possible) I’m so super impressed with Listingpro, that I really think it ought to be the default, go to option for just about ALL conventional directory use cases. (with the exception of curation communities, which I’ll cover elsewhere, and think ought to be done via a newsletter, which I’m going to demonstrate soon)

In this video, I do a deeper dive (as promised) into Listingpro, and cover some of what I really think is innovative and incredibly well thought out about their theme, framework and longer term goals. (something I’ve gotten a little bit of a taste of, cooresponding with them privately by email over the weekend. Some really cool stuff IS coming (update:  lots of people seem to agree – Listingpro has now sold over 3000 copies 😉 and you can literally launch a fully functional yelp like directory, on WP – using this great theme – in a weekend.

Again, this video is raw and unedited – I don’t do these to record professional quality reviews – I just want to churn out some helpful content for those of you who haven’t yet explored the back end of one of these themes, and want to know what you can expect when you buy.

There is one thing I cover in this video that I’d LOVE to see the folks behind Listingpro (and really ALL directory themes) incorporate into their frameworks.

The AD spot, or promotional placement, within the user dashboard itself. (i explain this in the video at some point or place, I just don’t expect most of you to wade through 25 minutes of me blabbering to find it. I’d tell you where it was if I could, but i can’t stand listening to me blabber on either, so I can’t stomach sitting through it as well)

But here it is:

80% of the PROFESSIONALS who sign up for your directory….won’t come back after month 1. They just won’t. You’ll send them emails and try to be all Anthony Robbins motivation like….but they’ve already moved on to something else, or have given up on the whole enchilada of advertising/promoting or selling themselves online.

This theme CHANGES that, by dint of the back end user dash. It’s cool. It’s colorful. It’s creative. And it has lots of data points that your users will want to come back and check. (it has that “dopamine dump” effect, that makes all of us slaves to our social media accounts elsewhere as well)

So you are getting an insane advantage, in the YELP like back end functionality that WILL motivate folks to want to come back and check the activity on their profile – reviews, leads, reactions, low reviews, AD campaigns, etc. (remember, with this theme, folks can manage their OWN ad campaigns – on YOUR site – how frickking cool is that?)

But, notice, when you watch the video, the CONTACT form button they’ve included. (to contact you) Here is what i’d love to see in that space. Let’s turn that into a widget, or a space that can be modified with WHATEVER you want to put there. An adsense ad. A banner ad. A promotional pitch for your online agency. An urgency offer. Whatever you want…..ought to go in that spot.

Here is why:

The vast majority of your free listings will never spend a dime on your directory. you benefit from having them…..because they populate your site, add the appearance of authority, help SEO and google traffic, etc.

But, leveraging that AD placement, on the back end, whatever you want to put there…matters not. (you can use a rotational script to test what folks click on the most) But having a very compelling user dash, that encourages folks to keep coming BACK to yoru site to check their stats, their reactions, their leads…whatever it is….EVEN if they don’t pay, being able to get them to click on stuff (even competitors adsense ads out of sheer curiosity) is a wonderful way of adding additional revenue streams, on autopilot, to your directory site, that all of us ought to have.

(the contact form on Listingpro is good – but i’d like the flexibility to use that for something else, that may make my site more money – or YOUR site more money – on your existing users, everytime (potentially) they return)

What say you? Check out the video – remember it’s 130 AM – and I’ve just eaten a box of honey nut cheerios, and had a bottle of wine to boot.

I’m doing the best I can.

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