A Great New Way to Teach What You Love

There has never been a better time to teach what you love, and share what you know, than right now.  The online learning space, or teaching space, is exploding with  unique opportunities for both people who are addicted to information, and learning new things….as well as cool and creative platforms for those of us who want to share what we love with the world.

Some of these platforms (and models) are super interesting to me, because they are actually simplifying the process flow for teachers, and learners alike.  For example?  When I spend any amount of time on the Teachable platform private community (the FB group in particular, for instructors) it’s amazing how many of us are constantly getting seduced by a new tool or tech, a new twist or unique piece of software to punctuate the teaching process, or to make our courses sexier, or improve this UI/UX component or that…….all in the service of something most of our students don’t really care that much about.

They want to learn, and typically….want to learn one thing, and one thing fast.

With that in mind, check out http://gohighbrow.com/courses/

Their courses are short (usually 5 minutes long) text based, delivered by email, and finite in length.  (usually 10 days)

It’s sort of an interesting regression back to the way things USED to be done (email mini courses rather than learning platforms like Udemy/Teachable/Thinkific/etc) and it really is quite an enjoyable experience to take a course.  (i’ve now signed up for, and have taken 2)

The good news?

You can submit your OWN courses to gohighbrow.com, and become a teacher, leveraging their large audience in your favor, to promote anything else you have going on related to your expertise.  In other words, create a 10 day course on anything, get it approved, and use that course to sell YOU in any and every which way you are comfortable)

There is also another similar platform called http://Dailybitsof.com, which is also well worth checking out.

I love this approach to course creation and have been saying exactly this, for a few years now.

  1. Teach one thing.
  2. Teach one small thing.
  3. Teach the smallest thing you can that makes people better.
  4. Think small, but think scale.


If you are looking for a great jumping off point for launching your own teaching career, and need a gentle nudge in the direction of your dreams, check out the platforms above.  (gohighbrow in particular, if you’ve got a course ready for  the world…..but need a little bit of extra self confidence that lots of happy students can serve up on a silver platter)




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