The 8 C’s of Link Bait Law: More Lessons in Link Love

Ok – it’s about time we covered some more fun ways to generate free traffic – ideas that can tap into your creativity and if done effectively – transform you almost overnight from just a local yokel blogging in nowheres ville USA into an overnight media magnet – a thought leader in your field – a benevolent benefactor of worthwhile causes and ideas – or just a pretty  freaky fellow if that is the note you are trying to hit.  ( no pun intended )

As Usual – a lot of the so called gurus and SEO guys and self important ninny’s of different types and stripes are spending inordinate amounts of time trying to explain to you what link bait is and how to do it the right way.

All you need to know about link bait – from an understanding and execution standpoint standpoint is this:  There ain’t no such thing as bad publicity.  Ever.

Said differently – but equally as explanatory – the only bad press is no press at all.

Link Bait – in it’s most basic form is simply – saying something interesting.  Making a noteworthy commentary or contribution.  Adding something to the dialog that is different or unique enough that other people think referring to what you wrote or contributed is a good idea – on their blogs, on their sites, on their forums, and so forth.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say ( With Google God Matt Cutt’s thoughts thrown in for good measure)

Read that little blurb and you’ve got half of what you need to do it well.  The other half you are going to get from me. 

Because there are 8 Simple things you need to know to write effective link bait.  Some people will tell you there are more – others less – but the correct number is really 8.  There used to 7 – but I added one more to the official number several weeks back, and in many ways, it might be the most powerful one of all.   

You should write these down – or just come back here refer to them often, because if you can master any given few of these 8 strategic, smart ( and even occasionally sneaky ) ways of getting boatloads of backsides to either your sites – or your clients sites,  or even to the sites of people you don’t like – well, you will never go hungry.  And you will be pretty popular too – which is always nice.  Popular people make more money, live longer and often times get free lunch at the office.

Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t be intentionally creating link bait.  That you should write and create and just put out good efforts earnestly and with purity of intention and spirit and if the links come – great – and if not – well, you can try again tommorow.  That the idea of writing something for the explicit purpose of trying to get people to link to you is disingenuous and insincere – that shading your opinions in such a way as to guarantee a response from the peanut gallery is not in the ecological spirit of one big happy online family. 

I say not.

If you are trying to make friends – join facebook.

 But if you are trying to make money, serve your clients or feed your family – in my book – you’ve got a responsibility to be creative, innovative and purposeful in your strategic initiatives.  And good content – even the kind of good content that entertains, informs and educates your audience – should always be created with some form of underlying strategy and gameplan.


Let’s take a closer look at the 8 C’s below: 

  1. Confrontation:  The Axis of Evil Link Baiting Strategy

  2. Controversy:     Why You Are Not Going to Heaven But I Am Link Baiting Strategy

  3. Complimentary:  Joe Popular is a beautiful man.  He is also very smart & a great dresser.  If my wife were to cheat, I’d like it to be with him link baiting strategy.

  4. Compilation:    A collection of great resources on any given topic link baiting strategy

  5. Comedy:           Watch this great video of George Bush & Dick Cheney doing Shakespeare in the Park while in the Oval Office link baiting strategy.

  6. Creativity:          A collection of pictures of unusual urinals photographed around the world link bait strategy.

  7. Charity:             Visit Site –> Do Good.  The benevolent benefactor socially conscious  Link Baiting Strategy

  8. Chris Crocker Crazy:   This is a new but powerful link baiting strategy.  It is reasonably virgin territory as only a few have ventured out to the edge of the abyss to give it a try.  But it incorporates elements of at least 5 of the initial 7 – which no one has ever been able to do before.   I love it and plan to use more of it in my own marketing once I stop taking my medication.    It says – I’m f*cking nuts – but you got to see it to believe sort of thing which is very effective.  

Okay – so now that we have a basic understanding of the 8 primary link bait categories – we are going to start learning how to use them.  Think of what you write as an exploratory boomerang – you create it and send it out into the wild – a babe in the woods with a potentially very short shelf life – but if it  does it’s job right –  it comes back to you  with some friends. Hopefully, many friends. Kissing cousins even. Because we are looking to get some love here people. Link love. And the kind that crosses oceans of time and space to point right back to you is the sort of boomerang we are aiming to throw. 

My personal favorite is Controversy. It is easy to write – and people’s buttons are easily pushed. If you are a football fan – it’s sort of the T.O ( Terrell Owens ) of the bunch – doesn’t’ have to make much sense – can be self aggrandizing and blissfully ignorant to the facts – yet people can’t help but be sucked up and into the vortex of inexplicable interest and fascination with the source of the buffoonery.

is also very good – but I have small hands and bruise easily so I try not overdue this one if at all possible.

We are going to cover each one in some detail over the next few days – and how to effectively use them each to accomplsh your goals.  And regardless of where you are, or what kind of business you are currently in ( or even just getting started ) you have to pick a few * clicks * on the link baiting dial – learn them – master them – and them use them to full benefit in your own efforts and business building endeavors. Nothing will make you a name faster – or more powerfully – then having people from all over the web posting to you as the source of can’t miss information – even if you’ve just got a web cam, a love for Britney and a shortage of lithium.

(And yes, as you can probably tell – I could watch this all day..;-)



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