5 Ways to Sell Your Courses on Podia

I’ve been getting a fair amount of questions over the last few days about Podia.com – the online LMS and ecommerce app that lets you sell content, courses, and products via an online store hosted on the Podia platform.

(I shared some of the success i’ve had with offering Podia free trials with one of my newsletter lists (also hosted on Podia, not all that surprisingly 🙂 and since then, the number of folks who have asked about my experience with the Podia platform, has gone up quite significantly.

I’ve used (and taught courses) on just about every different online LMS or ecommerce SASS there is.  I like most of them.  I love a few of them.  And Podia, no doubt, is one I love.

Here is why.

  1.  You can sell courses on Podia.  (obviously)  These are your traditional, video courses, PDF based courses or “storehouse of information” courses, where people sign up, and have dashboard access to any and all the information you’ve added to the course.  You can include PDF’s, images, videos, text, audio, etc.  Most platforms offer this, so while Podia does it beautifully, it’s not all that unique to them.
  2. Digital downloads.  You can sell your ebooks on the platform.  You can sell PDF’s, audios, videos, etc – all available for DOWNLOAD, rather than as a sequential course.
  3. You can create drip courses, where some information is available on day 1, and some they have to wait to get access to at a later date.  (i.e. – + 3 days after registration, + 5 days, + 7 days, etc.  Most platforms offer some form of drip, so this isn’t a huge USP for Podia.
  4. You can offer PATREON style MEMBERSHIPS.  This my friends, is awesome.  This allows you to add updates (like this blog post, for example) taht are protected, and restricted only to members you give access to.  (and they offer unlimited levels, so you could create 10 different levels and only offer access to some of them, incentivizing your members to upgrade to read things others are getting, but you aren’t.  Medium is offering something like this now as well – although to be honest, Podia’s version is FAR slicker and sexier for course creators – and much easier to monetize as well.  See my membership example on their landing page, here.
  5. You can create automated email sequence only courses – meaning, you create the course, but put NO content in the members area.  Instead, your course is delivered by email, over a period of days.  This harkens back to how things USED to be done way back when (anyone remember the ignominious “email mini course days?” where everyone and their uncle fester was “teaching” something with (bad) emails?  The good news is, as a culture, we’ve managed to burn enough of our collective braincells and hijack our meager attention spans so effectively (which I’m pretty sure, like everything else in life, is Sean Hannitie’s fault) – that SHORT email courses are coming back in a major league way.  I actually LOVE writing these sorts of courses, people like them and there are a great way of introducting your ideas with mini morsels of magic, rather than data dumping a whole avalanche of information on your students with longer course content.  (plus email remains one of the most reliable ways to keep your students engaged, rather than having to keep coming back to their dashboard for every single lesson)

A company that does this very well is Daily Bit’s Of – a great little start up teaching app that sends all of yoru lessons over by email – and keeps them under 5 minutes by design.

You can do the very same THING on Podia – but branded to YOU – and your business, rather than writing them for someone else.

Feel free to mix and match all of the ideas above to create the perfect learning experience for YOUR audience.  Like I do, you can run much of your business on Podia.  It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s easy to use (and learn) and they are good people, too!

Try Podia for 14 days.  No Credit Card Required.





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